Are These Rats In My Dallas Home?


Are These Rats In My Dallas Home?

Dallas has pleasant weather, friendly people, and lots of social amenities. However, we still have to deal with a major problem - rats. Rats can be a serious hazard pest in your well-crafted home. People are afraid of them for good reasons. They carry diseases and spread harmful bacteria through their saliva and droppings.

When it comes to rat control, it's important to be proactive in identification, prevention, and elimination. Our Dallas homes have suffered enough. It's time we deal with the rat problem. So first, let's look at the difference between mice and rats.

The Difference Between Rats And Mice In Dallas

People often confuse mice with rats, especially if they only catch a glimpse of the pest as it scurries by. Fortunately, you can not have an infestation of both mice and rats in your home - you will be dealing with one or the other. 

When it comes to identifying the difference between these rodents, let's start with the obvious. Rats are bigger than mice. This may be the most obvious difference between the two rodents, but there are several other ways to distinguish these pests from each other:

  • Color: There's a stark color difference; mice are usually a dusty gray with a cream belly underneath. They are also relatively slender and slim. Rats are plumper and come in either a deep brown or black.

  • Tails: While mice tend to have longer tails with hair, rats usually have shorter tails and no hair; funny little difference, yeah?

  • Droppings: Another difference between mice and rats are in their droppings. So, if you're hearing a lot of noise but can't find them, you can still identify who it is. Mice leave about eighty droppings a day, and they have a pointed end. Rats only leave around forty droppings a day, and they are shaped more like a tiny banana.

If you see signs of rodents in your Dallas home and you're unsure of whether or not you have a mouse problem or a rat problem, it's best to reach out to your local pest expert for proper identification. 

Signs Rats Leave Behind In Dallas Homes

Aside from droppings, rats leave behind some other signs that allude to their presence. Some are more discrete than others.

  • Diseases: Are you seeing rodent droppings and starting to feel inexplicably ill? Diseases that rats carry can cause serious harm to your health and that of loved ones and guests. If you contract something like leptospirosis or salmonella or even the plague, then that's a strong indicator that there's something unwanted in your house. Furthermore, if you have a large rat problem, their excrement can cause mold and mildew, which leads to other health conditions.

  • Chewing: Rats are known to chew, and they chew an awful lot. If you're spotting gnawed on wood, plastic, containers, food, or even chewed baseboards, then there's probably rats living in your basement, attic, or even in the walls.

  • Grease rubs: Rats are primarily nocturnal animals, and they don't have great eyesight. Therefore, they will mark a path through your home in the dead of night by rubbing their bodies along baseboards or the bottoms of furniture. During your cleaning, keep an eye out for long greasy stains on the bottom side of things.

If you start to notice signs of rat activity in your home, you should start to come up with an elimination plan immediately. Rats are prolific pests, and the problem will only get worse over time. 

Do Rats Chew Wires In Dallas Homes?

Short answer? Yes, they do. Rats have teeth that are constantly growing, and as they enlarge, it can be quite painful. Therefore, they are constantly gnawing on things to keep their teeth filed down. 

They will chew on anything, including wood, cardboard, or even electrical wires. Not only do rats spread diseases, but their presence can also be a significant fire hazard if left unchecked.

Get Rid Of Rats In Dallas Homes

Now that you know how to identify rats and some of the major problems associated with these pests, it's time to discuss how to get them out of your Dallas home. You do have options, and some are better than others.  

You could set traps, which is just about as effective as poison, though it still leaves a mess of bodies to clean up. It's a seemingly cheap solution, but it won't necessarily solve your problem. You may catch a few rats, but to eliminate an infestation, you have to get rid of all of the rats in your Dallas home. Furthermore, rats are pretty smart. They will begin to figure out how to avoid traps in a short amount of time. 

There are also a few natural, non-harmful ways to take care of rats. Rats don't like the smell of marigolds, onions, Lavender, black pepper, rosemary, peppermint, and daffodils may deter rats. However, if there are rats nearby and your home is a viable source of food and shelter, a whole field of marigolds won't keep rats away. 

In the end, if you're dealing with rats in your Dallas home, it's best to reach out to the professionals at Urbanex. As a local, family, and veteran-owned business, we care deeply about serving the members of our community with affordable, comprehensive pest control options. Our team of professionals will develop a customized plan to eliminate rodents safely and completely. To learn more about our rat control options and year-round pest services, reach out to us today

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