What You Should Know About Weevils In Knoxville


What You Should Know About Weevils In Knoxville

Have you ever heard of weevils? You may have heard the name before, but you're not quite sure what a weevil is and why are they are in the house. The name itself refers to a group that has over 1,000 unique species. But, the simple answer is that weevils are a kind of beetle. These beetles are mainly known for getting into food products when they invade homes, so they can be difficult to remove. If you have an issue with weevils or want to know how to prevent them, read on to discover more and to find effective Knoxville pest control for pantry pests. 

What Do Weevils Look Like In Knoxville

Because there are many different kinds of weevils, they come in many different shapes and colors. Most of the time, they are slender in shape, oval, or round. Most species are less than an inch long, and most that you’ll find in your home are a dark brown to black color. 

But, while these characteristics can help you identify these pantry pests in Knoxville, the best way to identify beetles is by the shape of their head. They have a strange-looking head that forms a snout, and their mouth is at the end of this snout. The length of the snout varies depending on the exact species. 

Why Weevils Invade Knoxville Pantries

As previously mentioned, weevils are a kind of pantry pest in Knoxville, but some varieties can also be agricultural pests that destroy certain crops or plants. Some of the most common weevils are wheat, rice, and bean weevils. Bean and wheat weevils are mostly agricultural pests, but rice weevils are notorious for getting into pantries and consuming items like rice and grains. 

Most weevils that you find in your home are the stored product variety. They gain entry as they search for food, and they will also lay their eggs in the food products. This is how and why the infestation will persist and continue to grow. 

Overall, the best way to deal with these pests is to undertake a few preventive measures, but you can also obtain ongoing pest control services from our experts at Urbanex to prevent and control pantry pests. 

How Weevils Get Into Knoxville Pantries

There are a few ways that weevils gain entry to your pantry and cupboards. First, they may already have infested items you purchased at the store. Inspect your products before buying them for signs of holes or any other damage to the packaging. This is an essential step towards keeping your pantry weevil-free.

Secondly, adult weevils can get into your home from the outdoors. To keep these pests from entering, make sure to seal any entry points into the structures. You should install door sweeps and weather stripping, repair broken screens in doors and windows, and patch up holes in the walls and foundation.

Get Rid Of Weevils In Knoxville With Profession Pest Control

While weevils aren’t considered dangerous, they are still quite repulsive. If you find them in your foodstuffs, particularly dry goods, you'll need to discard them. Also, check all other products stored in that location to ensure the infestation doesn’t spread. 

Overall, the easiest way to remove weevils or any other stored pantry pest is to contact our pest control experts at Urbanex for assistance. Call us today to learn more about pantry pest control or to book an inspection.

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