Commercial Pest Control In Boston: A Complete Guide

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Commercial Pest Control In Boston: A Complete Guide

January 10, 2024

Commercial pest control in Boston is essential for every business. While the types of pests that are active change from season to season, there are always pests actively looking to move into your commercial facility and cause problems inside it. Understanding common pest threats and what you can do to protect your Boston business starts with your complete guide to commercial pest control from Urbanex.

Pests Commonly Found On Commercial Properties

Pests are a common issue for Boston businesses. If you don’t have pest control services for your commercial property, it’s time to implement them before one of these common pests ends up in your business.


Rodents are pests that often get into commercial facilities and cause serious problems once inside. A rodent infestation is terrible for your business because rodents are both destructive to your property and harmful to the health of your customers and employees.


Cockroaches love warm, dark, damp locations where they can get by undetected. They often infest commercial kitchens. The trouble with cockroaches is how dangerous they are to the health of anyone who spends time in an infested area. These pests spread disease-causing pathogens wherever they go.


There are many different types of flies that can get into a commercial setting, and they are all bothersome. Most flies also spread diseases, so getting rid of them is important in protecting the health of your employees and customers.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are frequently found in hotel settings but can also be found in any public location. Although they aren’t known to spread diseases, bed bugs bite and are seriously detrimental to your business’s reputation.

A Small Infestation Can Become A Big Problem Quickly

Pest infestations almost always start out small. One or two pests can get into your commercial facility either from the outdoors or from being brought inside in a box or bag or on someone’s clothing. Even so, one or two pests getting into your business will typically result in hundreds or even thousands of pests quickly taking over. 

Most pests breed rapidly and often. Many pests also live in large groups and alert the members of their group about their new location so they can all move in. Commercial pest control is essential because it stops infestations either before they start or in their infancy before they have a chance to grow into a huge problem.

Sensible Pest Prevention Practices To Implement In Your Business

Implementing a quality commercial pest control plan for your Boston business is the best way to avoid pest problems. However, there are things you can do on your own to prevent pests from getting into your commercial facility as well. Try these sensible pest prevention practices around your business:

  • Institute good sanitation practices in the kitchen and break areas.
  • Keep outdoor garbage bins and dumpsters closed at all times and have them emptied on a regular basis.
  • Take care of any moisture issues in and around your facility.
  • Keep your landscaping and lawn well-maintained.
  • Seal all entry points around your structure.

By making your property less appealing to pests and harder to access, you can help prevent a pest infestation in your commercial facility.

The Right Commercial Pest Control Partner: Contact Us Today!

Urbanex offers Boston businesses commercial pest control near you that you can count on to meet your needs. Our experienced professionals deliver customized treatments that target active pests on your property and prevent new infestations before they start.

Commercial pest control services for your business should be a priority. With the help of Urbanex, you can be confident that your business will remain pest-free and avoid the many problems associated with a pest infestation. Contact us today.

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