How To Get Ahead Of Bed Bug Infestations In Knoxville Before They Start

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How To Get Ahead Of Bed Bug Infestations In Knoxville Before They Start

When it comes to pests, bed bugs are one of the most feared. No one wants bed bugs getting into their Knoxville home, but bed bug infestations are on the rise. Knowing how to get ahead of bed bugs in Knoxville will help you prevent an infestation before it starts. Urbanex can help.

Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

Being able to identify bed bug signs as early into an infestation as possible helps you get rid of a bed bug infestation as quickly as possible. The following are all signs of a bed bug infestation:

  • Finding clusters of bug bites on your body that you didn’t have the day before.  
  • Seeing small red dots on your sheets.
  • Seeing small tannish-brown streaks on your sheets.
  • Seeing bed bugs themselves.
  • Finding bed bug eggs, casings, and waste.

Where should you look for signs of a bed bug infestation? These areas are all common areas for bed bugs to spend time:

  • On your mattress
  • Between your mattress and headboard
  • In your dresser drawers
  • Behind picture frames on your walls
  • In the seams of upholstered furniture
  • On the floor along the edges of your walls
  • In the cracks of floorboards

If you see any of the above signs in any of the above places (or in other places), you likely have a bed bug infestation.

The Problem With Having Bed Bugs In Your Home

Just the thought of bed bugs in your house is enough for most people to be bothered, which makes it easy to understand that often, the biggest problem with having bed bugs in your house is the mental and emotional toll they take. It is stressful to know that you have a bed bug infestation and that bugs are in your bed biting you while you sleep.

Bed bugs are also a problem because of the fact that they bite. Although these bites are not known to spread any diseases, they do itch. The longer a bed bug infestation goes on, the larger it will grow, leading to more and more bites.

Five Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Bed bug control techniques for your home can help you avoid a bed bug infestation, but none of them are 100% effective methods of preventing bed bugs. Even so, they will help lessen the chances of your Knoxville home ending up with bed bugs, so these are good strategies to implement.

  • When you spend the night in a location away from your home, such as a hotel, carefully check the room for signs of bed bugs before bringing your luggage inside.
  • While away, keep your belongings stored on hard surfaces off the ground.
  • When you return home, go through all of your belongings to look for bed bugs before bringing them into your house.
  • Wash all of your clothing on a hot water wash and dry them on a high heat setting before putting them away.
  • Implement routine bed bug inspections in your house so that you can identify an infestation in its earliest stages.

By being careful about what you bring into your house, you can help lessen your chances of ending up with bed bugs in your Knoxville home.

Why Professional Bed Bug Prevention Techniques Work Best

If you find any signs of bed bugs in your Knoxville home, the best bed bug pest control near you is from the professionals at Urbanex. Do-it-yourself bed bug control is rarely effective, so it’s best to allow the experts to take care of the problem. DIY methods often leave bed bugs behind. You may see temporary relief, only to discover that the problem reappears in the weeks or months following your treatment.

A bed bug treatment from Urbanex uses three different treatment methods to deliver the most effective results possible. We also know how stressful a bed bug infestation can be, so we offer a bed bug warranty with our general pest control that covers any future bed bug issues at no additional charge. For effective bed bug control, contact Urbanex today.

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