How Much Damage Can Rodents Really Cause In Louisville?


How Much Damage Can Rodents Really Cause In Louisville?

Rodents might seem like just a nuisance, but they actually pose a threat to your health, home, and property. If you’ve ever dealt with rodents, you know how difficult it can be to eliminate them. If you have a rodent infestation in your house, we suggest you reach out for professional Louisville pest control services. Schedule your free inspection today with Urbanex, Kentucky’s rodent solution since 2015.

Most Common Problems Rodents Cause To Your Home

There are different types of rodents in Louisville, but unfortunately, all of them can pose a threat to your health and house. Rodents are known to damage and even destroy valuable property. If they are inside your house, we suggest you hire professional pest control services today.

Rats and mice can cause serious structural damage to your house, apartment, or office. Because rodents are nest builders, they will chew on anything that they can use for their nests, including wood, paper, cloth, valuable paintings, books, and wires. Small rodents, such as mice, may also go into the insulation inside your walls, attic, and basement. Mice are known to chew on the insulation around your wires, which can be a fire hazard to your home.

Problems Rodents Typically Cause To Your Health

Unfortunately, all rodents can carry dangerous diseases. These can easily be spread through bites, but also through contaminated food items or even breathing in rodent byproducts like dust from dried droppings.

Some of the most common diseases that rodents can spread are leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, tularemia, salmonellosis, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. Many of these encompass painful and dangerous symptoms. In addition, rodents can also cause allergies or worsen existing ones. If a rat or mouse bites you, it can become infected and require medical attention. 

Protect your family and take action against rodents today. Keep reading to learn four things that you can do right now to deter the presence of rodents in your space, and how professional rodent control in Louisville may be needed.

Four Things You Can Do Right Now To Avoid Rodents

Maybe you haven’t seen a rodent in your house, but you still want to take preventive action to ensure that you don’t have to see one.

The following steps can help you to keep a rodent-free home:

  1. Take out your kitchen trash regularly and wash your dishes daily.
  2. Inspect and seal any entry points into your house.
  3. Clean your lawn, driveway, and garage from trash, debris, and dry plant/tree matter.
  4. Schedule a free inspection with Urbanex today.

Don’t risk your health and the health of your loved ones. If you have seen rodents in your Louisville home, reach out to Urbanex today.

Professional Rodent Control Is Always The Right Answer

At Urbanex, we offer a comprehensive pest management program, so you can have a home that is free of pests. Our rodent control service begins with a full inspection of your home. We’ll inspect for entry points and signs of rodent activity, like damaged screens, holes in walls, and rodent urine and feces.

We’ll then proceed to treatment. Our primary rodent exclusion service includes the use of bait stations, glue boards, and snap traps. We’ll follow up within a given time frame and provide you with preventive tips to prevent future rodent problems. This will help you maintain a home that is free of animal or insect intruders.

We know the facts about rodents in Louisville, as well as the best way to keep them out of your home. Forget that rodents ever existed in your space and start enjoying your life in Kentucky again. If you want to maintain a rodent-free home, effective rodent control is key. Reach out today to schedule your free inspection and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Louisville.

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