What To Do About Rats Hanging Around Your Kentucky Home


What To Do About Rats Hanging Around Your Kentucky Home

Rats are those pests that think they go unnoticed but don't realize just how much evidence of their presence they leave behind. From their razor-sharp teeth that can tear through the boxes of snacks in your pantry to the high-pitched squeaking or hissing sounds that you can never pinpoint, rats are every property owner’s worst nightmare.

What a relief to know that your dependable pest control in Louisville has you covered. At Urbanex, we possess the resources and knowledge to completely rid your home of rats. Read further about methods to keep rats away and how professional exterminators can help.

How To Tell If Its Rats Scurrying Around Your House

Although rats rudely invade your residence, they would instead prefer to be left alone. Rats hide because they don't wish to encounter you any more than you want to run into them. But try as they might, rodents will invariably leave evidence behind their existence. By paying attention to the signs, you will undoubtedly confirm your suspicions. Check out the following list of what to be on the lookout for:

  • Rat droppings
  • Bizarre odors
  • Grease streaks and marks
  • Squeaking, hissing, or chattering noises
  • Chewed items, like on food packaging or wood

Also, your allergies firing up can indicate that rodents are in the vicinity. You don't have to wait to see a rodent take action. For the best way to get rid of rats, contact your local pest control.

The Damage And Dangers Of A Rat Infestation In Your Home

No one wants to discover that rats have moved in, whether you live in a sprawling estate or a studio apartment. Rats are not only capable of causing an incredible amount of destruction to the support structures inside your house, but they can spread a variety of diseases that can make you sick. Rats can gnaw through the hardest materials, like joists, beams, wall insulation, and soft concrete with their sharp incisors. Check out this list of five diseases caused by rats:

  1. Leptospirosis
  2. Salmonella
  3. Hantavirus
  4. Tularemia
  5. Plague

If you believe you have a rat invasion on your hands, your local pest management specialists are the right people to contact. Reach out to them at the first sign of rodent activity.

Four Easy Rodent Exclusion Tips To Prevent Future Rat Infestations

Consistently following proper practices will ensure that a rat reinfestation is not in your future. Take a look at these four preventative measures to safeguard your place:

  1. Dry up any indoor and outdoor water sources.
  2. Vacuum and mop your floors often. 
  3. Install screens in windows and vents.
  4. Seal off holes and gaps in your home.

Also, declutter your yard by clearing away debris, mulch, and leaf piles, as these are ideal hiding places for rodents.

The Safe And Effective Way To Remove Rats From Your Home

There is no doubt that having a rat infestation in your home is a serious matter that you need to address quickly. If you've heard or seen signs that rodents are living among you and your family, reach out to your local pest control because they have the background, resources, and advanced products for the best way to get rid of rats fast. Additionally, professionals in the exterminating industry can obliterate all types of rats no matter where they hide.

With over 25 years of combined experience in pest control, we at Urbanex have been successfully eradicating rodents in our community to make people feel safe and comfortable In their homes. Our highly trained technicians put customers at ease. We conduct comprehensive inspections and customize treatment programs suitable for your lifestyle and desired outcome. Rats in Kentucky residences don't stand a chance. Get in touch with us today for your free estimate.

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