How Dangerous Are Scorpions In Dallas, TX?


How Dangerous Are Scorpions In Dallas, TX?

One look at a scorpion tells you everything you need to know. Equipped with a pair of sharp pincers and a barbed tail, it’s easy to see that these arachnids are in the business of pain. There are at least 2,000 known species of scorpions in the world of varying size and venom strength, but how dangerous are scorpions in Dallas?

What To Know About Scorpions

Scorpions are some of the most feared creatures in the United States and for good reason. These pests are adept hunters outfitted with a long, segmented tail filled with potent venom to kill their prey. They typically feed on smaller insects like beetles, spiders, and even other scorpions. While some scorpions can grow larger than 7 inches in length, most scorpions in Texas are on the smaller side, averaging about 2 ½ inches long. 

Some common scorpions found in the U.S. include:

  • Striped bark scorpions
  • Arizona hairy scorpions
  • Striped-tailed wood scorpions

As scary as they may seem, scorpions don’t intentionally hunt after people or pets and aren’t especially aggressive. Really, they just want a place to hide and a bite to eat. Scorpions are surprisingly sneaky and often wind up in shoes, beneath sinks, and in drawers, where unsuspecting victims can disturb them. They are also capable of climbing walls and entering through elevated entrances like windows. A startled scorpion’s only defense is to sting, and these accidental encounters are how most folks end up getting pricked.

Are Scorpions Dangerous?

Scorpions sting. It’s just what they do. But a sting from the common scorpions that inhabit Dallas and the surrounding areas is not likely to be life-threatening. Most scorpion stings result in some localized pain and swelling, similar to a sting from a wasp. However, everybody is different and certain people may experience more extreme reactions than others.

The best policy is to always contact your doctor or local hospital if stung by a scorpion. Try to capture the scorpion responsible for stinging you in a secure container for proper identification when seeking medical attention. Of course, individuals who are allergic to scorpions are at elevated risk and must be given immediate medical treatment if stung.

How To Prevent Scorpions

Scorpions are desert creatures that desire water and shelter above all else. Throw in a reliable source of prey and your scorpions will have everything they need to infest your Dallas property indefinitely. Some ways you can prevent scorpions from invading your property are:

  • Address moisture issues – Check for any leaks in spigots or pipes outdoors. Dump out any standing water. Ensure that drains and gutters are free of obstructions that can cause water backup.
  • Eliminate hiding spots – Carefully clear away piles of rocks, firewood, lumber, and other outdoor clutter that scorpions can use to hide.
  • Reduce prey population – Keep up with yard work to keep plants and grass tidy and reduce shelter for the bugs that scorpions feed on. Turn off or limit outdoor lights at night to reduce the number of insects attracted to your property.
  • Prevent entry – Examine the exterior of your property for any large cracks or gaps and seal with silicone caulk. Replace damaged door sweeps and screens. Ensure that all windows have screens installed or are kept closed to prevent scorpions from climbing indoors.

If you’re experiencing scorpion troubles in Dallas, the best way to deal with the problem is with help from the experts at Urbanex. Our professional home pest control services provide lasting relief from dangerous scorpions in your home or business. To request your free inspection or for more questions about how we can assist you, contact us today!

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