Stop Scorpions In Their Tracks: Top Techniques For Control For Louisville Properties


Stop Scorpions In Their Tracks: Top Techniques For Control For Louisville Properties

There are lots of scary little creatures here in Louisville. Some only live outdoors. Others will invade homes and cause trouble indoors. Today, we are going to talk about one troublesome pest that loves to break into homes here in Louisville. We are talking about scorpions.

If you want a fast answer to remove these invaders from your home, call our team at Urbanex. We will share with you a quick treatment option that will help you find freedom from these pests. Keep reading to learn more about scorpions and find the best scorpion control in Louisville to combat these terrible little creatures.

Scorpion Hotspots: Where They Hide And Thrive

Scorpions do not like being out in the open. During the day, these pests will actively hide in burrows underground, within piles of debris, or under things like wood, stones, or tree bark. When scorpions invade homes, they find other similar places to hide. This might include sneaking between storage boxes, hiding under water heaters, or scooting beneath floorboards.

One common misconception is that these pests love dry areas. The truth is that dry areas deprive scorpions of the moisture they need to survive. When inside or around homes, these pests will look for moisture sources in pools, near leaky pipes, and in wet bathtubs or sinks. If you would like help identifying where different types of scorpions are hiding inside or around your home, bring in our team.

Scorpion Stings: Symptoms And Treatments

There are some types of scorpions that can kill creatures many times their size. Thankfully, none of these species live here in Louisville. The most harmful local species is the devil scorpion. Now, you might think that a pest with that name must be lethal. Truthfully, they are far from it. A sting from one of these arachnids is painful but nowhere near life-threatening. The average person will experience a painful pinch followed by swelling around the affected area. Someone who is allergic to scorpion venom might experience a much more severe reaction.

Talk with your doctor to best understand your risk. Otherwise, keep reading to find out some simple prevention tips to keep these pests at bay.

Scorpion Prevention: Top Techniques That Work

If you are here today looking for how to prevent scorpions, you are in luck. These pests are not terribly difficult to deter. What you need to do is make sure your home’s exterior has proper seals. Here are some practical ways to do this and some bonus prevention tips.

  • Fill in holes, gaps, and cracks around your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Make sure your doors and windows have proper seals and are in good working condition.
  • Replace damaged window and door screens.
  • Reduce clutter inside and around your home.
  • Address moisture issues.

For additional help keeping scorpions out of your home or to deal with an active infestation, talk with our team at Urbanex about our advanced pest control offerings. 

Professional Scorpion Elimination: The Safe And Effective Solution

The last thing we want is for you to be stung while trying to deal with scorpions inside your home. To avoid injury and get rid of these pests, talk with our team at Urbanex about our advanced scorpion pest control in Louisville.

We will answer any questions you have about these invasive creatures and help you find a pest control strategy that will best help you address the problems you are facing with them inside and around your home. Reach out to Urbanex now to find out more about our scorpion control and make a home pest control service appointment for your Louisville home and property.

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