Tennessee Termites: A Problem Every Homeowner Faces


Tennessee Termites: A Problem Every Homeowner Faces

When it comes to damage to your home and your pocketbook, termites stand unrivaled. Not likely to bite you or spread dangerous diseases, termites attack our homes directly, chewing through the wooden structures that keep them from being a pile of drywall and flooring. In nature, termites feed on dead trees, acting as nature's recyclers, but in our homes, they find nicely dried lumber the house is built from irresistible, causing billions of dollars in damages every year across the country.

In Tennessee, the number of termite infestations has been growing, with thousands of homeowners trying to evict these little buggers from their homes every year. There are over 2000 termite species around the world, but you're likely to run into the following three culprits in your Knoxville home:

  • Subterranean termites are some of the smallest in size but compensate for that with huge colonies, sometimes reaching more than 100,000 members. Subterranean termites are usually about 1/8 of an inch long with long, narrow bodies that are dark brown or black.
  • Drywood termites are a little bigger, up to 3/8 of an inch long, with creamy white to light brown bodies. These termites live in colonies of up to 2500 members and prefer their wood dry, making them some of the most damaging to our homes.
  • Formosan termites are a relatively new import into North America and have been spreading like wildfire. They are the most aggressive species of termites in the U.S. and are easily identified by 1/2-inch long creamy white to brown bodies and rounded heads that taper to the front.

Let's look at signs of termites inside your home you should watch for, the best ways to prevent a termite problem, and if prevention doesn't do the trick, how to find an experienced pest control in Knoxville, TN.

Termite Warning Signs Everyone In Tennessee Should Know

Catching a termite infestation in the early stages and giving the little wood chewers the boot is your best chance to avoid costly home repairs. Watch for the following signs of termite infestation:

  • Hollow-sounding lumber
  • Small holes in wood and little piles of termite frass(sawdust) by them
  • Mud tubes leading up to your house
  • Blistering paint and termite-marked wood

Many termite infestations in Tennessee stay uncovered for years since termites are quiet and stay within the wood in your walls and foundation. As low-cost anti-termite insurance, consider scheduling an annual termite inspection with a reputable pest control service.

Three Problems Termites Cause In Tennessee

Termites cause billions of dollars in damages yearly. While not likely to attack people or animals, termites will:

  1. Chew through and weaken the structural integrity of your home.
  2. They will happily dine on books and cardboard if found in the vicinity or even chew through pool liners in your backyard.
  3. Termites eating through trees and vegetation can be an issue, but they usually don't bother them unless the trees are already in decline from an unrelated illness.

Protect Your Tennessee Home With These Termite Prevention Tips

The best way to avoid termite damage to your Tennessee home is to prevent them from setting foot there in the first place. The following termite prevention tips will give you a hand in this fight:

  • Seal the outside walls to avoid swarmers getting in. avoid letting moisture accumulate by the house walls.
  • Fix plumbing leaks before they can attract termites.
  • Make sure to appropriately treat any wood that comes in contact with the soil.
  • Store firewood away from the house.

If you are worried about a termite infestation regardless of your best attempts at prevention, it's time to get a professional involved.

Why You Should Skip The DIY And Call In The Professionals

If you discover a termite nest in your house, do not disturb it. Disturbed termites will likely relocate the nest to a new, better-hidden part of your home.

At, Urbanex, we've been helping Knoxville residents deal with termites and other pets for over 25 years. If you suspect a termite infestation, give us a call for a free inspection today and get started on our effective termite control services in Knoxville.

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