Termites: Silent Destroyers In Knoxville


Termites: Silent Destroyers In Knoxville

Your Knoxville home is a substantial and expensive investment for you and your family, so what can you do to prevent wood-destroying pests like termites? While these social insects aren't hazardous to your health, termites are dangerous to the structural integrity of your home, which is why you need reliable protection against infestations. Termites tend to infest properties silently, though, so you may already have a problem without even knowing about it.

Species Of Termites In Knoxville

There are over 2,000 different kinds of termites globally, but luckily, there aren't nearly that many species in North America. Knoxville homeowners only need to worry about three troublesome termites:

  • Subterranean termites – these are the most versatile termites in North America. They're cold-hardy, infest year-round, and avoid fumigation treatments by nesting underground.
  • Drywood termites – these termites aren't native to Tennessee, but they can travel through infested wood. Established colonies swarm once a year between May and June.
  • Dampwood termites – these pests require a lot of moisture in their environments, so unless there's severe water damage on your property, dampwood termites can't successfully infest your home.

Termites benefit the environment by breaking down decaying plant matter. Still, they can't differentiate between a fallen tree and a two-story home, so their usefulness in nature becomes a structural hazard in residential areas. We can still appreciate their contribution to the world while protecting our homes against dangerous infestations.

Termites Work In Silence

There's a good reason that termites are called "silent destroyers." They discreetly infest homes and buildings, quietly eat away at wooden fixtures, and rarely ever emerge from their nests and galleries. The signs of termites are easy to overlook since most of their early evidence is either blown away by the slightest breeze (shed wings) or dismissed as regular household dirt (small piles of frass – sawdust-like material). Without regularly scheduled Knoxville pest control, a termite infestation can hide for months without detection.

Benefits Of A Termite Inspection

Many pest control companies will charge for termite inspections, but all of our reviews at Urbanex are free, including termites! There are plenty of benefits that come with annual and seasonal pest inspections:

  • Early termite detection – pest technicians are trained to spot termite evidence. If you have an infestation in your home, even in the earliest stages, our experts will find them.
  • Other wood-destroying pests – our inspections cover a wide range of pests, including destructive insects like carpenter bees and carpenter ants.
  • Convenience – extensive termite damage requires immediate attention, but you can handle pest problems at your own pace with regularly scheduled inspections.
  • During an inspection, our pest professionals can easily find areas of concern around your property and suggest simple ways to fix them.
  • Cost-effective – since regular pest inspections catch early infestations, they save you a ton of money on expensive home repairs!

Annual inspections aren't just convenient, cost-effective, and free of charge; they're also the first step towards guaranteed termite protection for your Knoxville home.

Ongoing Termite Control And Monitoring

At Urbanex, we're dedicated to providing Knoxville's best termite extermination services. Our pest technicians are fully-licensed to handle termite infestations, undergo ongoing training for all kinds of regular household pests, and are determined to provide complete customer satisfaction with every pest control service we offer. Our termite treatment options are also environmentally friendly, so you don't have to worry about damaging the delicate ecosystem around your property. So if you're ready to protect your home against dangerous pests like termites, get in contact with us today to schedule your free inspection.

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