Are Silverfish Dangerous In Nashville?


Are Silverfish Dangerous In Nashville?

Even if a pest isn’t particularly dangerous, it can still wind up leading to larger issues. Take silverfish, for example. They may not carry any diseases, and silverfish don’t bite people or pets very often, but that doesn’t mean you want these gross critters around your property. Learning how you can prevent silverfish in your house or business will save you from future headaches. 

What Do Silverfish Look Like In Nashville? 

Silverfish are insects that look like a cross between a centipede and a beetle. While they are often mistaken for other invaders, silverfish have some distinctive features that help you identify them in and around your property:

  • Size: Silverfish are small, typically only a couple centimeters in total length. This separates them from the centipedes that people tend to mistake them for. 
  • Shape: People wonder if house centipedes are silverfish or not because silverfish have long antennae and other appendages that splay out like legs. But they are more teardrop-shaped than the longer worms or insects you may assume they are.
  • Color: The most distinctive feature of silverfish is where they get their name. They have an often shiny and metallic color to their shells. 

If you spot these kinds of critters around your Nashville property, contact pest control pros right away. 

Why Are They In My Nashville Home? 

Silverfish are attracted to homes by all the same factors as other pests. The reason any animals invade properties is that they provide shelter from predators and easy access to things like: 

  • Food: Silverfish will take advantage of food sources, including crumbs and spills around your home. They like to eat starches and sugars, so there are plenty of ways they can find this inside of a home.   
  • Water: Silverfish get their aquatic-sounding name because they like to find moist areas to hang out. They even appear to swim across the surface of puddles because of the swishing movements they make when they walk. 
  • Shelter: All kinds of pests seek shelter from the elements and predators, including silverfish. 

All of this demonstrates how proper pest control is really about limiting the attracting factors that draw them to your home in the first place. 

Are Silverfish In Nashville Dangerous? 

While silverfish aren’t known to carry any diseases or bite people, that doesn’t mean that they don’t lead to other problems for homeowners. Not only can they lead to property damage, but they can also leave their silverfish eggs all around a property to truly grow their numbers. Here are the reasons you should take silverfish infestations seriously:

  • Damage: Silverfish bites aren’t something that people have to worry about in terms of harm to your person, but silverfish will bite through fibrous linens and other household items. 
  • Infestation: Silverfish can lay eggs in clusters with dozens of embryos inside of them. That means the problem can quickly grow out of control. 
  • Pests: As one pest population takes off, others are drawn in by the prevalence of prey. Silverfish in your home can lead to spiders and other pest problems.

Don’t take a chance on silverfish in your home; contact Urbanex for an inspection today. 

How Do I Get Them Out Of My Nashville Home? 

Because they can lead to such issues, you don’t want to leave a silverfish population alone. Instead, you need to turn to pest control experts who can quickly remove an infestation before it leads to costly property damage or worse pest issues.

At Urbanex, we use safe and effective treatments that eliminate all the silverfish and their offspring. More than that, we can inspect your home early, before you’re even aware of a pest problem, to spot the signs of a population forming. We also offer preventative treatments that protect your Nashville home against a wide range of pests, including silverfish. Contact Urbanex to get started right away.

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