What To Do If You Have Cockroaches In Your Boston Home


What To Do If You Have Cockroaches In Your Boston Home

Cockroaches are some of the nastiest pests to invade home. Not only are they gross to look at, but they can also cause disease and other health issues. That’s why every Boston homeowner needs to learn how to correctly prevent and respond to cockroach infestations on their property.

Identify What Cockroach You Have In Your Boston Home

While no cockroach is desirable, most people don’t realize that several types of cockroaches plague Boston homes. Here’s your handy guide for telling them apart: 

  • American Cockroach: The largest invasive cockroach globally, American cockroaches are noted by the yellow figure-8 shape right behind their heads. 
  • German Cockroach: These are the most common cockroaches and can be set apart from other cockroaches by the dark, horizontal dash marks on their backs. 
  • Oriental Cockroach: Larger than German cockroaches; these guys don’t look much like their cousins. They are noted by their dark brown or black coloration, and they tend to prefer outdoor woody areas. 

No matter what type of cockroach you’re concerned about on your property, Urbanex can help. Contact us today to get started. 

How Cockroaches Get Into Boston Homes

The thing people don’t tend to think about when it comes to pest control is that you need to pay attention to the factors that attract pest populations in the first place and the ways that they tend to invade properties. By understanding the ways that infestations start, you can stay ahead of the problem. Here are the ways that cockroaches and cockroach eggs can be introduced to your home: 

  • Yards: Most pest populations start outdoors, so yards that have lots of nesting grounds for them to utilize are prime targets. This is why keeping up on landscaping is so crucial. 
  • Cracks And Holes: Cockroaches can flatten their bodies to fit through nearly any space, so regularly checking your walls and foundation for cracks or holes is good for spotting access points. 
  • Containers And Contaminated Items: People can also bring cockroaches and cockroach eggs inside their home without realizing it by carrying in contaminated containers or used items that cockroaches may be hiding in.

Cockroach Proof Your Boston Home

Again, it’s not enough to watch for cockroaches themselves; you also need to take care of the attractants that will bring cockroaches inside your home. Here are the most significant factors to focus on around your Boston home:

  • Food Storage: Cockroaches can survive on crumbs, so the most important thing you can do around your home is to clean up food scraps and store your food securely. 
  • Moisture Control: Roaches are also attracted to moisture, so promptly dealing with pipe leaks and poor room ventilation can be another pest control measure.  
  • Landscaping: Some cockroaches are particularly attracted to woody areas, and lots of overgrowth in your yard can attract pests of all kinds. That’s why, again, it’s essential to keep up on landscaping. 

It’s better to be proactive in addressing these factors rather than waiting for cockroaches to be a problem before you focus on pest-proofing your home.  

Get Rid of Cockroaches Completely In Boston

Now that you know how to identify and prevent cockroaches correctly, you probably feel like you can deal with pest problems independently. While it’s true that these steps are sure to help you avoid the issues that cockroaches cause, it’s also essential to turn directly to the experts if your property does see a cockroach infestation.

Only professional methods can thoroughly root out and eliminate an entire pest population. For instance, with the health hazards that cockroaches can pose-diseases like salmonella, it’s essential to go with methods that work rather than relying on do-it-yourself (DIY) techniques. Contact Urbanex right away if you notice signs of cockroach activity. Not only can we eliminate infestations, but we can also treat your home with solutions that prevent future invasions. To get rid of cockroaches in Boston the right way, contact us today. 

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