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A scant 10 miles north of Boston, MA, the town of Woburn is a notable bedroom community enveloped by rich history. This city was once a hub of the rubber and tanning industries and led the East Coast in factory production for decades on end. Today, this town of 40,000 people has become a wonderful place to raise a family, start a career, or settle down with loved ones.

Keeping Woburn beautiful for more than a quarter-century, Urbanex is a Middlesex County pest control provider trusted by dozens of homeowners, business proprietors, and property managers. Our local pest control services are bar-none and present some of the best management programs available in the Woburn area. We'll help you say goodbye to pests forever with multiple layers of protection under 100% adaptable applications.

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Residential Pest Control In Woburn, MA

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It's no secret that Woburn homeowners often struggle against invasive pests.  From carpenter ants and bees to stink bugs and mosquitoes, plenty of insects are ready and willing to take up residence in your home. The bad news is that DIY home pest control services are rarely enough to eliminate infestations. The good news is that you don't have to share living space with insect intruders with the help of Urbanex's professional pest programs.

At Urbanex, we offer residential pest control services that go more than skin deep. Our team of highly-trained experts rely on the latest technology and EPA-certified products to put pests where they belong -- far away from your Woburn home.

Schedule home pest control services that meet your needs, expectations, and budget. Urbanex is standing by to assist with our time, talent, and resources at any time.

Commercial Pest Control In Woburn, MA 

Urbanex's commercial pest control services were designed for business owners by business owners. Our state-of-the-art solutions have been painstakingly developed over years of experience, trial, and effort and are constantly optimized to provide the best possible outcome for your facility.

When you book commercial pest control services from Urbanex, you're partnering with a team of professionals who support:

  • Regular pest inspections
  • Ongoing prevention and maintenance
  • Cutting edge pest products

Schedule regular commercial pest control services that are all results and have no drawbacks. Get started as soon as possible by submitting an online contact form.

What Not To Do If You Spot Signs Of Termites Around Your Woburn Property

At less than 1/4 of an inch long, termites appear to be the least problematic insects in the home. However, these tiny bugs can cause big problems if they decide to bed down on your property.

Because wood-destroying pests like termites are particularly prevalent in Woburn, it's important to know how to spot them -- and what to do (and not do) if you see symptoms of activity.

If you do discover signs of termite activity around your Woburn home or business, you SHOULD NOT:

  • Attempt to remove the termites yourself with over-the-counter treatments
  • Use a fogger or other type of insecticide in an enclosed area
  • Try to set up bait traps without professional assistance
  • Pour boiling water on the termites

Instead, you SHOULD:

  • Remove any potential food sources (wood) from around the property
  • Make sure all cracks and crevices are sealed
  • Document the pests with picture and video evidence
  • Immediately contact a pest control professional for a free termite consultation

At Urbanex, our professional control team has specialized in termite removal for more than 25 years. We proudly provide the skills, experience, and resources necessary to take on even the most challenging infestations -- and win every time.

Schedule a free termite control consultation with an Urbanex technician to get started on a path toward total termite freedom. We'll be there for you every step of the way, from inspection and treatment to everything in between.

How To Prevent Mosquitoes Around Your Woburn Home This Summer

As the weather warms up, so too will Woburn's mosquito season. And while these tiny pests may not seem like much of a problem at first, they can quickly become a big nuisance (and even a health hazard) if left unchecked.

The best way to deal with mosquitoes is to prevent them from accruing in the first place. Before the summer season begins, apply these mosquito prevention steps around the home:

  • Repairs the screens over all doors and windows
  • Eliminate standing water around the property (including gutters, birdbaths, and potted plants)
  • Keep grass and bushes trimmed short
  • Use fans on patios and decks to keep mosquitoes away

Keep in mind that even the best mosquito prevention steps may not be enough to control large populations. The fastest, safest, and most efficient method of mosquito management is through the solutions provided by Urbanex. Request a quote at any time to get started.


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