How To Spot Early Warning Signs Of Roaches In Boston Homes


How To Spot Early Warning Signs Of Roaches In Boston Homes

There’s nothing more terrifying than watching a cockroach dart across the floor while you’re trying to eat breakfast or scurry into a corner when you turn the light on – and for good reason. Whether you’re dealing with Oriental cockroaches, German cockroaches, or American cockroaches, these pests have flat, oval-shaped bodies, brown coloring, and feel oily to the touch.

While cockroaches may be easy to identify, you don’t need to see the actual roaches to know you’ve got a pest problem – cockroaches often leave signs of their presence before you start actually seeing them. Keep reading for what signs to watch out for, the dangers associated with cockroaches, and what to do if you’ve got a roach infestation in Boston.

Signs Of Cockroaches In Boston, MA

Cockroaches may have great hiding spots, but they’re not always the sneakiest pest – here are several signs that you’ve got roaches living inside your Boston home:

  • Cockroach droppings: Roach droppings resemble pepper or coffee grounds, and may be scattered around their hiding spots.
  • An odd stench: When they leave behind droppings, cockroaches also leave behind a damp, unpleasant stench that seems to sink into different surfaces of your home.
  • Smear marks: Usually left on walls or baseboards, roaches may leave behind dark smears near parts of the home where they’re most active.
  • Discarded skin: Before they become adults, roaches shed their skin up to eight times and leave the discarded skin behind.
  • Live roaches: Cockroaches are nocturnal and try to keep out of sight, but if you turn on a light when you enter the bathroom or kitchen, you may see them scurry away.
  • Damage: Cockroaches aren’t picky about their diets, so you may discover contaminated food or damaged books and paper.
    Regardless of which signs you're noticing, it's important to act quickly if you suspect there are cockroaches in your home.

How Dangerous Are Cockroaches In Boston, MA?

Unfortunately, cockroaches do more than just cause property damage to your home – they’re also a health concern. Cockroaches are capable of carrying harmful bacteria like streptococcus, staphylococcus, and salmonella, which they can deposit on any food they contaminate.

More than just contaminating what’s in your pantry, cockroaches also spell bad news for anyone with allergies or asthma. Certain enzymes found in roach saliva and feces can cause allergic reactions and increase asthmatic symptoms in many people.

Not to mention, roaches aren’t an easy pest to eliminate from your home. These pests are great hiders, but they also breed quickly and develop resistance to certain pesticides.

The Best Form Of Cockroach Control In Boston, MA

As stubborn as a cockroach infestation is, handling it on your own doesn’t always get the job done – most homeowners aren’t able to find every hiding spot and even after pesticides, some roaches may still survive.

The most effective form of cockroach control is a professional one – and that starts with our pest specialists at Urbanex. With over twenty-five years of experience, our professionals have handled cockroach infestations both big and small, and we won’t rest until we’ve made your home a cockroach-free environment.

If you think that you may be dealing with a cockroach problem – whether you’ve seen live roaches or you’re just noticing some of the signs – don’t wait to call us at Urbanex today to learn how we can help.

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