How And Why Roaches Find Their Way Into Boston Homes


How And Why Roaches Find Their Way Into Boston Homes

With their hard exoskeleton, spiny legs, and long antennae, cockroaches have the kind of grotesque appearance most people find unappealing. They thrive in unsanitary conditions, and people often find them in cluttered spaces like drains, garbage dumps, and sewage systems. What’s even worse is the surfeit of allergens and diseases they carry and can spread to humans.

But when you have a team of experts on your side ready to defeat these hard-to-destroy pests, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. At Urbanex, we provide the most advanced pest control in Boston to get rid of cockroaches on your property and transform it back into the safe and peaceful atmosphere you deserve. Let’s dive into more information about these pests and how professional cockroach control can effectively obliterate them for good.

Common Types Of Roaches Found In Boston

Most people associate Boston with Fenway Park, baked beans, and the Celtics. Unfortunately, there’s a more undesirable element that doesn’t help to bolster Boston’s reputation. Different types of cockroaches intrude into the homes and businesses of Bostonians. Some of them include the following:

  • Brown-banded cockroach: Light brown with distinctive yellow bands on its body, invading homes and apartments.
  • American cockroach: Larger with a brownish-red body that favors sewers and basements.
  • Oriental cockroach: Black in color and prefers cool, damp environments such as crawl spaces and basements.
  • German cockroach: Small, brown body and invades structures the most.

But no matter which species decides to make an appearance at your place, professionals with cockroach pest control in Boston can get them out fast. Contact them today for further assistance.

How Roaches Spread Around Dangerous Pathogens

Cockroaches spread dangerous pathogens by carrying bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing agents on their legs and bodies as they move through contaminated areas. When they come into contact with food, cooking utensils, and other surfaces, they deposit germs onto them.

Some of the specific diseases that cockroaches in Boston can spread include salmonellosis, dysentery, listeriosis, giardia, and gastroenteritis. Individuals with allergies may experience an uptick in their symptoms due to exposure to roach excrement and shed body parts. Give Urbanex a call if you observe any signs of a cockroach infestation around your property.

Factors That Attract Cockroaches Into Homes

If you want to live in a home without cockroach intruders, find out what factors draw these creatures so you can reduce or eliminate them. The most common attractant found in homes is food. These scavengers will eat almost anything, including human food, pet food, and garbage. Roaches require a moist environment to survive, so you’re likely to find them in areas with high humidity levels, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Warmth is another element these critters find desirable, and your home, with its good insulation and central heating, is just the paradise they seek. And what’s better than having limitless places to hide?

So, if you want to know how to deter cockroaches, clean and dust regularly, store food securely, and keep your home well-ventilated. Consult with a qualified pest elimination service for further guidance.

Call The Pest Experts For Total Cockroach Elimination

Your best defense in the fight against these dangerous creatures is to enlist the services of roach pest control specialists. At Urbanex, we’ve dedicated years to learning all about cockroaches and other pests to protect you and your family from harm.

We create personalized treatment programs to suit your unique circumstances for maximum results. Our team doesn’t perform any cookie-cutter methods of pest control. Reach out to us today so that we can schedule you for a courtesy inspection.

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