A Practical Wasp Prevention Guide For Knoxville Yards


A Practical Wasp Prevention Guide For Knoxville Yards

Wasps are common pests that cause all kinds of problems for Knoxville homeowners. These frightening insects have thin waists, smooth abdomens, and sharp stingers. In this article, we’ll describe the typical behaviors of wasps and what you can do to avoid dealing with these frustrating pests on your property.

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Habits And Behaviors Of Common Wasps

Many people are unaware of the fact that wasps are predatory and play a large part in the ecosystem by feeding on nuisance insects. Wasps may also feed on sugary substances such as nectar or protein-rich garbage. These pests will build their nests high off the ground using a paper-like substance. Wasps generally build their nests on properties that provide plenty of food sources, such as insects, garbage, or flowering plants.

Some wasps live in large colonies, while others are solitary. No matter what types of wasps invade your Knoxville property, it’s important to invest in professional help to remove them. At Urbanex, we work hard to eliminate pest problems so you can live peacefully in a pest-free home. We understand how to get rid of wasps utilizing proven control methods and prevention techniques. Partner with our professionals at Urbanex today to discover a life without the threat of pests. 

Some Wasps Are More Aggressive Than Others

One of the most frustrating things about wasps is that they often choose to build their nest around entry points of your home. While some species of wasps may remain docile even if you approach their nests, others won’t hesitate to attack if you get too close. In addition, certain wasp species live in large colonies and may attack as a group if they feel threatened. While wasp stings aren’t generally a health threat, they can become a concern if you’re stung multiple times by dozens of wasps.

To keep wasps away from your Knoxville home, implement an ongoing pest control plan from Urbanex. We work hard to control and eliminate many different pests, including wasps. 

Five Environmentally Friendly Wasp Prevention Tips

Although controlling wasps isn’t something you should attempt without professional help, there are a few ways you can reduce the chances that these pests will cause problems on your property. You can do this by removing these factors that may attract wasps to your home in the first place:

  • Keep your trash bins sealed and stored away from the exterior walls of your home.
  • Locate and seal cracks in your exterior walls, roof eaves, and attic. 
  • Minimize moisture sources that may attract insects.
  • Avoid leaving soda cans, ketchup bottles, and other food items outdoors after a picnic.
  • Repair torn window screens or replace them with new, intact screens.

Prevention tips are helpful but won’t eliminate an active infestation. Contact Urbanex today for help with your wasp problems.

Knoxville's Most Effective Wasp Control Method

When prevention tips don’t keep wasps away, your next best option is implementing professional wasp control services from a trusted home pest control company like Urbanex. With several years of pest control experience and services to cover a wide range of pest problems, you can count on us to deliver exactly what you need to protect your Knoxville home. We offer modern and effective pest management solutions with proven results. We’re committed to handling invading pests, so you don’t have to.

Say goodbye to wasps and many other common pest problems when you reach out to our technicians from Urbanex today.

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