How To Keep The Rodents In Tennessee Out Of Your Walls


How To Keep The Rodents In Tennessee Out Of Your Walls

Do you hear scratching or scurrying noises coming from your walls? If so, it is likely caused by rodents. Having rodents in your walls is a serious problem, but there are ways to get them out and keep them out.

Discover the best way to get rid of rats or mice, and how the Tennessee pest control experts at Urbanex can intervene.

Rodent Exclusion Techniques

Rats and mice are the most common rodents to invade homes. They have furry bodies, pointed noses, beady eyes, and scaly tails. They are typically gray, brown, or black. Mice are about two to four inches long, while rats are around seven to nine inches. Both rats and mice are able to squeeze through small holes and gaps in the exterior of your home.

There are several rodent exclusion techniques that can be performed to prevent or help cease an infestation. Openings should be plugged or covered with a durable material. Tennessee rats and mice will have a difficult time chewing through copper gauze, steel wool, screen wire, or hardware cloth, but rubber and plastic should be avoided. Plaster can be used to permanently close vulnerable spots. For windows and vents, metal screens and plates can be effective. To make sure doors close tightly, steel piping or metal thresholds can be attached to floors. 

How To Bait Rodents Out Of Your Walls

Lots of people try laying baits down near walls, assuming rodents will pass by. There’s no guarantee this will work. Some critters are intelligent enough to ignore the devices. Furthermore, store-bought products like these have to be used strategically and with the proper bait. If not, you will not catch many rodents. If the objective is to address an infestation, this method won’t do. Other home remedies for rats and mice have faults as well. Not only are they only mildly potent, but they can also be expensive and hazardous.

The best way to bait rodents out of your walls is to partner with a professional rodent control company. Trained professionals have the experience, products, and knowledge to effectively bait and eliminate mice and rats.

Deterring Rodents From A Particular Area In Your Home

Aside from completing exclusion techniques in specific rooms, you can’t fully isolate rodents from an area. As long as they’re present, they can roam wherever and create nests. You have to employ a broad approach with these pests, and preventative measures are crucial. These tips can be effective in preventing rodent infestations:

  • Reduce clutter.
  • Repair cracks in foundations and around utility ports.
  • Fix moisture issues and leaks as soon as possible.  
  • Store firewood at least 25 feet away from your home.
  • Remove organic debris from your lawn.
  • Store food and trash properly.

These measures can discourage rodent populations on your Tennessee property.

Effective Rodent Infestation Treatments In Tennessee

The most effective rodent control solutions will be provided by professionals. For quality rodent control services in Tennessee, look no further than Urbanex.

Trust the team at Urbanex to provide a long-term solution to your rodent problems. We use high-quality baits and traps, and provide disposal services. We will return to your property between services to reset traps and dispose of rodents as needed, at no extra charge. Call us today for a free inspection!

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