Knoxville's Handy Guide To Effective Wasp Control


Knoxville's Handy Guide To Effective Wasp Control

There are a couple of things that will deter potential guests or customers from visiting your Knoxville, TN home or business. Flying pests are certainly one of them. Folks don’t want to chance being bitten or stung by critters like wasps.

“Wasp” is a term used to categorize all stinging insects. These kinds of pests frighten people because of the venom they carry to debilitate their prey. The subsequent symptoms humans might experience varies. Since wasps flourish in natural settings, it’s often a challenge to fend off their intrusions. Find out what it takes to prevent them and how Urbanex can help.

What Wasps Are Common in Knoxville, TN? What Are the Risks?

Mud daubers and paper wasps are two species that are dominant in the city.

While most mud daubers are ½ of an inch long and metallic blue or black, their size and color as a whole range. A great number have green or yellow markings. As their name hints, they use mud to form their nests. They also will get comfortable in structural voids, which is how they enter buildings. Insect remains, nectar, and honeydew is what sustain them.

Paper wasps are around 1 inch long. Their brown skin is decorated with yellow blots. Black wings get them around. Many people mistake them for bees, but their figures are far more slender, narrow, and elongated. These bugs prefer to make their cocoons near sheltered spaces, such as roof eaves, window sills, door frames, and foundational cracks. You’ll know for sure that you have an infestation if you spot just one paper wasp. Typically, they get inside domiciles and establishments through open doors and windows or small cracks. When paper wasps need to settle, they’ll create their nests by fusing plant matter with their saliva. The mass will look a lot like paper when it’s dry. It will be immensely thick and impossible to see through. Concerning shape, it will resemble an umbrella. Thus, these bugs are often called “umbrella wasps.” How they mold their shells are part of what distinguishes them from fellow stinging pests.

Two more important facts about wasps are:

1. They Are Needed: The environment’s balance partially relies on the feeding and pollination practices of wasps.

2. Their Stings Are Very Problematic: Wasps can sting many times, causing pain, skin inflammation, and redness. Medical attention may be necessary for intense bodily responses and allergic reactions.

What Are Ways to Prevent Wasps?

To successfully keep wasps away, you must be steady with preventative precautions. Otherwise, it will be an uphill battle to get rid of them. Once they’re on your land, they don’t leave without a fight. Improving your exterior maintenance is essential by:

  • Trimming grass and greenery regularly. Cover or fill ground holes and remove organic debris from the yard.
  • Distancing flowers from the property by two feet; be sure not to over-plant them.
  • For gardening, seed citronella, eucalyptus, and similar plants with repellent properties.
  • Washing out vents and gutters regularly.
  • Putting garbage and food in containers with secure lids.
  • Having neat roof eaves and porches. Don’t let food sit out; especially if it has sugar content.  Contact Urbanex if you have pests wasps consume.

How Will Urbanex Handle Wasps?

Getting close to a wasp nest is a bad idea. Even if a cocoon appears to be dormant, a bug could always fly out suddenly and sting you. It’s a safer choice to reach out to us at Urbanex. We have eco-friendly solutions that won’t harm you, domestic animals, or vegetation. Our skilled technicians will apply treatments designed to eliminate wasps and set a protective barrier for the future. Approaches also include granulation and liquids. Call today and ask for a free inspection!

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