Tips To Protect Your Nashville Home From Termites


Tips To Protect Your Nashville Home From Termites

Termites. Is there anything that can be said about these pests that hasn't already been said. Out of all the pests that invade homes around the world, termites are one of the most destructive. In America alone, these pests cost homeowners five billion dollars annually. That is a lot of money that you could save with just a little bit of knowledge. If you have heard about termites, but don't know how to keep them out of your Nashville, TN home, here are a few tips.

What Are Termites?

There are thousands of species of termites around the world. Thankfully, here in Nashville, we only have subterranean termites. They are known for invading homes in large numbers, not to live, but to gather wood. Typically, these tunneling pests will build their homes underground somewhere near a structure. After establishing a small colony, worker termites disperse to collect nearby cellulose (the main component in wood). Once collected, workers will bring this food back to their colony and offer it to their queen. The more wood there is to gather, the more the termite queen will reproduce. When colonies become fully mature, swarmers (winged termites) will be released to start new colonies nearby. What is scary is that it is not uncommon for several colonies to feed on one home simultaneously.

How To Identify A Termite Infestation

Termites are silent invaders, meaning that they are nearly impossible to identify by their presence alone; that is unless you plan on chopping through the wood in your home and checking it for termite tunnels. The only early signs you may see are the mud tubes they build on exterior foundations. These pencil-sized tunnels are used by worker termites to pass between the soil and the wood on a home safely. If the wood on a home is directly touching exterior soil, these tubes are not needed.

Given enough time, termite damage will start to manifest itself as another sign of an infestation. Here are some of the most common damage that termites cause:

  • Tight-fitting window/doors
  • Bubbling wallpaper/paint
  • Overly squeaky floorboards
  • Sagging and water-damaged drywall
  • Expanding structural wood due to moisture
  • Buckling support beams
  • Visible galley ways running through structural wood 

Prevention Tips For Termites

Since it is hard to spot termites, we recommend having your home inspected before using the following prevention tips. Trust us when we tell you that it is impossible to get rid of termites with these prevention tips alone; you will need a bit more help. Once you know your home is termite-free, use these tips to help keep it that way:

  • Use a caulking gun to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks in your home's exterior.
  • Trim bushes and tree branches away from your home's exterior.
  • Address moisture problems around your home by fixing leaky pipes, repairing broken gutters, and using a dehumidifier.
  • Repair or replace water-damaged wood around your house.
  • Treat wood that is unfinished or has lost its finish over time.
  • Avoid using wood-based mulch around your property, especially near your home.
  • Store woodpiles and untreated lumber at least 30 feet from the exterior of your home.

To have your home inspected, or for a more reliable way to prevent termites around your house, turn to the professionals here at Ubanex. Our team of highly trained technicians can spot, eliminate, and combat wood-destroying pests.

Give us a call today to find out more about our services, or to schedule a detailed termite inspection and treatment for your Nashville home and property.

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