It’s What Nashville Residents Should Know If They Get Bitten By A Tick


It’s What Nashville Residents Should Know If They Get Bitten By A Tick  

Indoor pests are a pain to be sure, but these outdoor predators are perhaps the most dangerous insects living in the Nashville area. If you have lived in Nashville for any amount of time, you know that pests like the black-legged tick, the deer tick, and the lone star tick are common invaders of backyards all over the area. These ticks are often less than ¼ an inch in size, but they are extremely dangerous at best. Their legacy of illness, diseases, and pathogen spread is very well known and feared. Not sure what to do when bitten by a tick on your Nashville property? Follow the steps outlined below.

What To Do When Bitten By A Tick – No Twisting!

Finding a tick crawling along your pets, pants, and clothing is never a welcome surprise, but just what should you do if one of these pests makes it past your defenses? Tick bites are not necessarily dangerous 9 times out of 10, but there are always concerns related to illness and disease spread with any blood-feeding pest. So what should you do if a tick has locked down on you? Follow these tips:  

  • Find a pair of fine-point tweezers that are clean and dry. If you are concerned about the cleanliness of your tweezers, you may soak them in a jar of isopropyl alcohol for five minutes. 
  • Swab the area around the tick with a thin pad of alcohol or a sterilization strip. This will help to prevent infection or disease transfer between yourself and the tick. 
  • Using tweezers, gently grasp the tick around its upper-middle. Grab as close to the mouth of the tick as you can. Be careful not to crush, puncture, or damage yourself or the tick body.
  • Pull the tick straight out of your skin. Do not twist, turn, or jerk the tick. This may dislodge the body of the tick from the head, which can cause infections and the rapid spread of disease.

Ticks usually require a two hour minimum feeding time to spread pathogens, but this time frame is not necessarily hard and fast. Symptoms of tick disease resulting from tick bites may include:

  • Nausea or vomiting 
  • Weakness or exhaustion 
  • Bullseye-like rings forming around the bite wound

If you develop or continue to exhibit certain symptoms after removing ticks from your skin, please seek medical attention immediately.

Control Your Local Tick Terrors With Urbanex

Ticks on their own can be tough cookies, but a tick infestation in the lawn is a different beast entirely. Not only will it reduce your quality of life and your time spent outdoors, but the fear of tick-borne diseases will likely have you cringing after every bite. 
Of course, you won’t need to suffer through a tick infestation on your own when you choose to rely on professional assistance. The best way to control tick populations around your property is with seasonal treatments from Urbanex, your Nashville provider of tick mitigation products and services since 2015. Our unique approach to tick caretakers a holistic approach to management, addressing the attractant factors in your home, lawn, and household before ever applying products. We want to keep you safe, applying only the safest and most cost-effective treatments to your Nashville home. 

Call our Nashville office of Urbanex now to schedule treatment plans that are right for you. We have service operatives standing by to assist you along every step of the way, caring for your lawn as though it were our own. Don’t let ticks trap you indoors this spring. Unlock the outdoors with Urbanex now!

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