What Knoxville Property Owners Ought To Know About Centipede Dangers


What Knoxville Property Owners Ought To Know About Centipede Dangers

Knoxville is a true jewel of the Southeast. Part of that is the natural beauty that comes with the territory. Another part of the appeal comes with the pride we take in our Knoxville properties. Yes, unfortunately, all this natural beauty comes with more than its fair share of pests. This is especially true for centipedes since they always seem to pop up in places where we don’t want to see them, like the bathroom… a literal invasion of privacy. The more you know about centipedes, though, the more you’ll be able to protect your home, and your bathroom, from an infestation. 

Getting Familiar

While centipedes get their name from the fact that they typically have a hundred legs, they can actually have anywhere from 15 to 150 legs. Typically yellow or brown in color, they might blend into your bathroom counters and floors for just long enough to surprise you, especially at night when they’re most active (and when you’re likely least alert). The reason they love the bathroom so much is because of their affinity for moisture: they typically thrive in damp, dark places, so you might find them in the basement as well. 

These kinds of habitats are ideal for them because they’re full of other pests. Centipedes, which can actually measure up to six inches long, are carnivorous, usually feeding on smaller insects. Areas like bathrooms, basements, and under kitchen counters are where you’re most likely to run into these pests, who are very capable hunters. Equipped with venom and speed, centipedes don’t have too many issues when it comes to capturing their next meal. But don’t worry. They can’t transfer this venom to humans (or to your pets), so they’re simply considered a nuisance pest in homes. 

Preventing Privacy Invaders

Even though they don’t pose a direct threat, they’re still a frustrating and unsettling presence in your home. While they might be providing you with a little bit of natural pest control, they also detract from your peace of mind (especially during your nightly trip to the bathroom). Once they’re in your home, unfortunately, they’re very hard to get rid of. Your focus, instead, needs to be on prevention. 

A few helpful guidelines that can help limit centipede attraction to your home include:

  • Moisture control: your basements and crawlspaces, which may not always be air-conditioned, can be an area of intense moisture buildup. This type of environment is ideal for centipedes and other pests, so using a dehumidifier can help limit their presence. Also, you’ll want to monitor your pipes for leaks, especially in the bathroom.
  • Declutter the yard: large piles of leaves and lawn decorations are great places to hide and will attract centipedes into the yard. By keeping it open and organized, you can limit centipede attraction to your yard.
  • Seal off potential entrances: applying proper weather-stripping to exterior doors and sealing up cracks around the windowsills with additional caulking can limit the easy access points into your home. 

While these helpful guidelines can limit the presence of centipedes in your home, centipedes will always find a way in if they think your home has enough pests to keep them well-fed. The only way to guarantee a pest-free home is to enlist professional pest control services. Contact Urbanex for more advice or assistance today on centipede and general pest control. 

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