Pepperell, MA Pest Control

Who Needs Pest Control, Anyway?

Do the residents and businesses of Pepperell need pest control? It depends on whether or not you want to save money in the long run. Many home and business owners will be very surprised to find out the many ways in which utilizing professional pest control can actually save money.

Residential Pest Control In Pepperell, MA

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Homeowners in Pepperell take pride in their properties. That’s what keeps our community thriving. However, failure to protect your home from pests and rodents can put all the hard work you put into your home maintenance at risk. Mice, rats, crickets, and many other pests will chew and damage many items in your home, right down to the very foundation.
Invasive pests like roaches, fleas, and ticks can pose a dangerous health threat to you and your family. By carrying parasites and bacteria into your home, these pest infestations can often lead to diseases like salmonella, E. Coli, and more.
Unfortunately, pests can be very hard to keep out of your house, and even harder to get rid of once they’re in. Homeowners who try to solve pest issues on a case-by-case basis not only can spend more money on inconsistent results, but they also may expose themselves to increased risk of home damage and health hazards. Instead of wasting your time and money, call Urbanex at the first sign of a problem to get rid of pests and keep them out for good.

Commercial Pest Control In Pepperell, MA

When a customer sees a pest in your Pepperell business, they are highly unlikely to return. However, in the days of social media, one pest sighting could wind up costing you hundreds of customers, not just the one who spotted the pest. On top of the potential to ruin your reputation in the community, pest and rodent infestations also bring a variety of other issues onto your property, from failed health inspections to contaminated inventory, unhealthy working conditions, and more.
Fortunately, Urbanex knows a thing or two about keeping your business in business. With regular treatments that meet your scheduling needs and on-call pest technicians who can be there for pop-up pest issues before customers notice, Urbanex can guarantee satisfaction. Give us a call today to get more information on the best way to keep your business pest-free

Guide To Avoiding Brown Recluse Spiders In Pepperell, MA

Brown recluse spiders, while rare, can be incredibly frightening. It’s not an irrational fear, either. A brown recluse bite can eat away at the layers of skin, sometimes even down to the bone if not treated. This not only leads to permanent skin damage but can also lead to dangerous, sometimes fatal infections. If you’re bitten by a brown recluse, seek medical attention immediately.
If you’re wondering why these spiders wander onto your property, it’s food. Brown recluse spiders love to feed on other insects, which is why they frequent the low-traffic areas of your property like basements, garages, crawlspaces, and below outdoor decks. You’ll notice their webs close to the ground, as this gives them the best chance of catching prey.
In order to limit brown recluse spider activity on your property, you’ll want to prevent pest issues as much as you can. To do so, begin with the following methods:

  • Sealing cracks and crevices
  • Addressing moisture issues
  • Storing food and trash properly
  • Cleaning regularly

These methods can be effective in limiting your chances of an infestation, but nothing can guarantee satisfaction like a trusted pest control professional. Call Urbanex today to keep you and your family safe from the threat of brown recluse spiders.

Three Things About Rodents Everyone In Pepperell, MA Ought To Know

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding rodents in the Pepperell area. First of all, these home-invaders are a lot more dangerous than people think. Mice and rats can carry dangerous bacteria into houses, and some can carry rabies. Rodent infestations can lead to severe illnesses like salmonella, E.coli, and more.
The people of Pepperell need to know that rodents can bring costly damage to property. Armed with sharp teeth and an incessant desire to gnaw on almost anything, rodents like mice, rats, and squirrels can chew through wood, drywall, siding materials, AC ducts, electrical wiring, linens, and more.
Finally, rodents are notoriously prolific breeders. Many homeowners make the mistake of relying on traps or poison to get rid of an infestation, but in many cases, these methods can’t keep up. There may be far too many rodents breeding within the walls for the traps and poisons to be effective in eradicating an entire infestation.
The only way to get rid of a rodent infestation for good is to trust the professionals at Urbanex. Give us a call today for the best rodent prevention and eradication methods in the area. 


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