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Pest Control In Mount Juliet, TN

Few Nashville suburbs are as beautiful as Mount Juliet. This growing community is home to 40,000 residents enjoying the very best of Tennessee living. From its 17-mile drive to downtown Nashville to breathtaking snapshots of nature, Mount Juliet offers the best of both worlds to home and business owners alike.

But life in Mount Juliet also comes with unique challenges – including year-round pest activity trickling down from the city. Homeowners report hundreds of infestations per year, while business owners struggle with chronic pest activity.

If you’re looking for reliable Mount Juliet pest control to protect the properties you love, you can rely on the team at Urbanex for scalable solutions with lasting results. We are a nationally recognized pest control company with a passion for excellent results. With dozens of five-star reviews from properties across the country, we promise to meet and exceed your expectations with every single treatment.

Learn more about pest control with Urbanex by calling our Nashville office. We’d be happy to walk you through available options for residential or commercial pest management services.

Residential Pest Control In Mount Juliet

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There’s no such thing as ‘just one pest’ living in your Mount Juliet home. Where one pest lives, another is close behind, which puts you and your loved ones at risk for serious side effects.

Urbanex understands the stressors of pest activity, including their impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. That’s why we offer multiple home pest control services with ongoing support for your peace of mind.

We provide:

  • Back-to-back services
  • Bi-monthly services
  • Complimentary re-treat services
  • Pest inspections
  • De-webbing
  • And more

Need more than our basic residential pest control services? Urbanex can help. We have everything you need to get rid of invaders like bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, and brown recluse spiders. 

You can contact our team of experts today to schedule an appointment for your free pest inspection.

Commercial Pest Control In Mount Juliet

A pest infestation can be a serious problem for your Mount Juliet business. Not only do pests reduce the overall quality of your goods and services, but long-term activity often reflects poorly on paying customers. Pest infestations may also reduce your business’s reputation, which lowers your profits and leads to losses regardless of your industry.

Commercial pest control services from Urbanex were designed to avoid each of these issues and more. Designed by business owners, for business owners, we take a revolutionary approach to pest management in Mount Juliet.

First, we visit your local business to get a better idea of the pests you’re facing. Then, we create a customized program based on your needs and specific industry guidelines. 

Ready to get the professional support your local business deserves? You can check out our list of frequently-served industries to get a better idea of how we can help.

Are Mosquito Bites In Mount Juliet Dangerous?

Mosquito bites are a common occurrence here in Mount Juliet. But how dangerous can just a single bite be?

Possibly more than you think.

Mosquitoes are known as vector pests, which means they can carry unwanted pathogens from host to host. This includes serious parasites causing malaria, or even RNA viruses like West Nile virus.

The CDC has officially recognized mosquitoes as the most dangerous animals in the world. Even if these pests aren’t particularly strong, aggressive, or large, they still cause hundreds of unnecessary deaths in the U.S. and surrounding countries.

Not every mosquito bite is going to lead to illness, and some illnesses like malaria are not a concern here. However, it’s best not to leave anything up to chance. If you suspect a mosquito infestation around your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Urbanex right away to set up an appointment for professional mosquito control in Mount Juliet.

Keeping Your Mount Juliet Yard Free Of Ants

If there’s one pest you just can’t seem to get rid of, it’s ants around your Mount Juliet yard. These six-legged insects work day and night to maintain their colony around your home.

Here are some ant prevention tips you can use to keep their numbers in check:

  • Mow your grass often. The shorter your lawn is, the fewer places ants have to hide.
  • Get rid of stagnant pools of water. Whatever items you can’t drain or empty, you can fill with topsoil, peat rock, or gravel.
  • Remove sources of food for ants. This includes compost, trash bags, spills, crumbs, and more.
  • Seal up any cracks and gaps around your house. You may want to rely on waterproof caulking to eliminate any cracks letting the ants inside.

Keep in mind these are ant prevention tips only, and not effective ways to remove active infestations. If you do need to remove ants from around your home or yard, you need to contact Urbanex for a free inspection and quote on professional ant control

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