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Quality Pest Control In Collegedale, TN

Collegedale is a quaint city that’s located moments outside of Chattanooga. This proximity makes it a desirable location for working professionals who also want a quieter place to call home. Collegedale has no shortage of its own enticements, too, with lots of nature trails, shops, and places to eat. Given how much nature surrounds the city, it’s no wonder when pest problems arise in local homes and places of business. 

When you need to keep pests off of your property, Urbanex is here to help. Our company focuses on quality pest control in Collegedale, TN, that is always customized to your needs. Each of our highly trained technicians will work with you to fully understand any current pest activity and factors that may be creating conducive environments. We offer a variety of preventive services and can also target the removal of pests such as cockroaches and bed bugs, all to your satisfaction. To get started with professional pest control, call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Collegedale

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At Urbanex, we provide home pest control in Collegedale, TN, that comes with a web-free guarantee. We are a team of highly qualified pest professionals who always take the time required to fully understand your needs and the specifications of your property. Our work is always informed by free inspections so that everyone has all of the necessary information. This transparency guides the rest of our work, too, as we truly aim to be your partners in pest control. 

If you’re seeking ongoing pest control, we recommend our in-depth maintenance program that begins with a four-part service. We then return one month later for a back-to-back service that is designed to break up the egg cycle. We then provide these services on a bi-monthly basis and are here to re-treat your home whenever you need it. Call us today for more information!

Commercial Pest Control In Collegedale

There’s no room for pests in your business, and at Urbanex, we help keep it that way. We are the area’s leaders in commercial pest control in Collegedale because we provide truly unparalleled service at every turn. When you entrust the safety of your business to us, you can always expect the highest level of work. That includes responsive customer support, treatments that are tailored to your needs, top-shelf products and methods, and a web-free guarantee that you won’t find elsewhere. 

Because our services are fully customizable, we are able to work with a variety of industries that span from education to hospitality. This also means that we can address a broad range of pests as well, whether that entails spiders and centipedes or mosquitoes and termites. No matter the pest, we have you covered! Call us today for more information.

Eliminating Bed Bugs: Solutions For Collegedale Homeowners

Bed bugs are a Collegedale homeowner’s nightmare. These parasites are very skilled at hitchhiking and finding their way into a property. Whether it’s by affixing themselves to personal belongings after a hotel stay or invading furniture that gets picked up at a yard sale, there are seemingly countless ways for bed bugs to become a problem. Because they tend to only come out at night and live in these sneaky spots, the best way to eliminate them is with professional pest control from Urbanex. 

Our bed bug control services are based on the findings from our whole-home inspections. Each of our customers receives a unique treatment approach because no two bed bug outbreaks are the same. We must understand the extent of their spread and how it developed. From there, we’ll use approaches such as liquid treatments, aerosols, and dusts for a highly effective service. To learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs, give us a call!

The Trick To Total Cockroach Control For Collegedale Homes

Cockroach populations can develop in Collegedale homes very easily, as long as there are ample food sources and water available to them. Once these pests move into a home, they are unlikely to leave. Cockroaches can survive for long periods of time with little access to sustenance and some species are even developing a resistance to certain forms of treatment. That is why the answer to complete cockroach control is professional help from Urbanex. Our services are designed to swiftly remove any cockroach outbreaks as well as take steps toward preventing new problems. 

We believe that every household has its unique needs, which is why we always tailor our services to each customer. Before making any applications, we’ll begin with a whole-home inspection to check for signs of cockroaches, entry points, and attracting factors. After we’ve gathered this information, we’ll use a combination of growth regulators, baits, glue boards, and other methods around the home. Some of the places we use these include cabinets and any harborage sites we’ve discovered. We also remove any living cockroaches that we find and provide these services monthly for six months. For more information, call us today!


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