The Trick To Getting Rid Of Rats On Your Dallas Property


The Trick To Getting Rid Of Rats On Your Dallas Property

Rats are a big problem in the Dallas area. One factor that makes them so prevalent and difficult to combat is misidentification by homeowners. Rats may have a lot in common with other rodents, but rat prevention and extermination techniques can differ from other methods of pest control in Dallas.

As local pest control experts, our Urbanex team knows the importance of quick, accurate pest identification. We wrote this blog to help homeowners like you learn the signs of rats on your property so you can act fast. Once you've confirmed you have rats, reach out to Urbanex quickly to get help from Dallas's best rat control company. 

How To Tell If It's Rats Lurking Around Your Property

What separates rats from other rodents? When it comes to their behaviors, some clues blatantly give them away, but only if you know what to look for. If you observe these signs, you'll know you're dealing with rats:

  • Piles of feces around your property: Rat droppings are small, black-colored, and grain-shaped. Rats defecate a lot, so you'll find their droppings grouped in piles throughout your home.

  • Greasy rub marks on floors and walls: Rats are far from clean creatures. As they scurry about your home, their fur rubs trails of filth along the floor and baseboards, giving you a clear map of where they've been.

  • Gnaw marks throughout your home: Rat incisors are constantly growing, so they need to chew constantly to keep them in good shape. As a result, you can find bite marks on wood, upholstery, plastics, rubber, and even wires.

Even if you spot these obvious signs, it's understandable that you might doubt your conclusions. But you can always call on Urbanex for a professional assessment and identification. We use our experience in getting rid of rats to identify all signs of their presence.

The Damage And Dangers Rats Can Cause On Your Property

Rats are not harmless guests by any stretch of the imagination. They carry harmful bacteria and parasites that easily infect humans. Sometimes, they don't need to contact you directly to cause illness. They can instead contaminate food or air to get you sick.

Your home isn't safe, either. Rats will naturally destroy materials found inside your house to build suitable nests, including insulation and paper products. So besides making a mess, this habit can create safety hazards. 

A swift, comprehensive response is necessary to protect yourself from these risks. At Urbanex, we use a four-part plan to target all areas of your property safely and efficiently. We also offer complimentary re-visits to ensure we get the job done right.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Rats To Your Property

Knowing what condition rats find ideal will help you protect your home. Eliminating these factors will significantly reduce the odds of a stray rat entering and starting an infestation. Thankfully, changing these things is just a matter of developing new housekeeping routines; try these methods:

  • Prune tree branches away from your home: Any overhanging limbs can help rats access your home through the roof and open windows. Don't underestimate a rat's ability to climb!

  • Practice good food storage: If a rat smells food, it'll take no issue destroying cardboard or plastic to get to it. Keep anything you eat in air-tight containers to avoid luring rats inside.

  • Seal exterior openings: Rats can compress their bodies to squeeze through small spaces, like cracks or holes in walls. Seal these, and install screens over drain and pipe openings to deny rats easy entry. 

Rat-proofing your home doesn't have to be a chore. So let our friendly Urbanex team help you identify ways to fortify your home against these and other pests. Our inspections will reveal every way you can repel rats.

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Property

Calling on professional pest control for rats is the safest and most effective solution to your pest problems. With Urbanex on your side, you can rest easy knowing you're getting complete rat control in Dallas, designed to meet your needs. We'll work with you to put your pest problems to bed. Contact us now for a free estimate.

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