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Oklahoma City's Silverfish Control Tips

December 23, 2021

Not many people expect their homes to become infested with fish, and unless you live in a coastal state where flooding is common it'll probably never happen in your lifetime. Silverfish, on the other hand, aren't fish at all, but they can get pretty annoying if they've infested your Oklahoma City home. As nuisance pests, silverfish don't pose any real danger to your home or health, but that doesn't mean they don't come with their unique proble... Read More

a silverfish crawling on a shower wall

How To Keep Silverfish Out Of Your Oklahoma City, OK Home

October 1, 2021

Silverfish don’t typically make the list of home and business owners’ worst potential pests. They’re not vectors of diseases like roaches and rats. They don’t destroy buildings like termites and carpenter ants. They can’t sting or bite. So most people see the occasional silverfish in their home and smash it and move on.... Read More


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