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The Difference Between Centipedes and Millipedes In Nashville

December 9, 2021

Out of all the nuisance pests in the world, the ones that look the creepiest have to be centipedes and millipedes. They're not very commonly found in homes around Nashville, which makes them occasional invaders, but discovering one snaking its way across your living room floor is enough to make anyone's skin crawl. Still, despite their visible similarities, centipedes and millipedes are very different, and each pest has its own unique reason f... Read More

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What Knoxville Property Owners Ought To Know About Centipede Dangers

November 26, 2020

Knoxville is a true jewel of the Southeast. Part of that is the natural beauty that comes with the territory. Another part of the appeal comes with the pride we take in our Knoxville properties. However, aside from manicuring the yard and updating our outdoor living areas, taking pride in our properties also means pest control. Yes, unfortunately, all this natural beauty comes with more than its fair share of pests. Even though pests ... Read More


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