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The Trick To Effective Flea & Tick Control In Knoxville

July 25, 2021

Knoxville, who’s ready for summer? This season brings poolside cookouts, Fourth of July sparklers, and long hikes with the family in the Great Smoky Mountains. While we’ve been waiting for all the fun that summer brings, pests such as fleas and ticks also threaten your home and loved ones in the summer months more than any other time throughout the year. ... Read More

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Oklahoma City Property Owners’ Ultimate Scorpion Control Guide

July 18, 2021

Welcome to summer, Oklahoma City! At Urbanex, we’re hoping the season brings relaxing days in your sun-soaked garden and warm nights with the family. While summer is often the season we look to for fun in the sun, warm summer months are also when scorpions are most active.  Keep reading to find out what you need to know about these sneaky pests, and what you can do to prevent scorpions finding their way into your summer. ... Read More

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