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The Difference Between Centipedes and Millipedes In Nashville

December 9, 2021

Out of all the nuisance pests in the world, the ones that look the creepiest have to be centipedes and millipedes. They're not very commonly found in homes around Nashville, which makes them occasional invaders, but discovering one snaking its way across your living room floor is enough to make anyone's skin crawl. Still, despite their visible similarities, centipedes and millipedes are very different, and each pest has its own unique reason f... Read More

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Why Is It Important To Keep Cockroaches Out of My Dallas Home?

December 2, 2021

Everyone knows how gross and disgusting cockroaches are, but not many know how dangerous an infestation can be. They may not have destructive capabilities and they don't possess any life-threatening venom, but their presence in your Dallas home would be very hazardous for your health. Cockroaches are carriers for all kinds of harmful bacteria, and if you have an ongoing infestation in your home, your health is already at risk.... Read More

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