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Arlington is six miles northwest of Boston, providing residents with a family-friendly community. The suburb features shopping and dining establishments along its walkable streets. It also has green spaces and bike paths for people to experience the outdoors.

The woods, ponds, and lakes around Arlington provide various animals with natural habitats. However, few of these locations are away from residential and commercial properties. Food and water sources attract these animals to homes and businesses, enabling them to cause damage and spread illnesses. Arlington, MA, pest control professionals can protect you from these concerns.

When you discover pests around your Arlington home or business, Urbanex has the answer. We use the best techniques to find, remove, and prevent pests around your property.

Residential Pest Control In Arlington

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Arlington homes that provide food and water sources are vulnerable to pest infestations. The creatures invade your yard and look for tiny entry points through your exterior. When they find a gap to enter your house, they hide behind walls or in rarely used spaces, spreading damage and potentially troublesome pathogens as they crawl.

Professional home pest control in Arlington, MA, is the best option to prevent these issues. At Urbanex, our certified service technicians will inspect your house to identify the invading species, enabling us to create a tailored treatment plan. Our interior treatments include a repellant that drives away pests, and our exterior service involves a non-repellent product to dissuade them from entering.

Our recurring services are available monthly or bimonthly, focusing on exterior treatments to prevent problems. Call us if pests become a problem in your Arlington home.

Commercial Pest Control In Arlington

Many industries have cleanliness requirements, and an unkempt facility can drive customers away. Pests threaten facilities because they leave waste that can cause damage and make people sick. They can also contaminate products, impacting your production. Commercial pest control in Arlington, MA, knows how to find and remove these creatures for your protection.

Urbanex provides pest control for businesses in numerous industries. We'll inspect your property to discover your problem and develop a customized solution. Our service technicians are certified and experienced in dealing with pests in large buildings, so we have the knowledge and tools to handle your infestation.

Recurring services are essential for effective commercial pest control, so we provide monthly visits to protect your building and everyone inside. Contact us to prevent pest problems in your business.

How Can I Tell If My Arlington Home Has Termites?

Termites are some of the most destructive pests in Arlington homes. They live in your soil, use mud tunnels to reach your structure, drill into your wood, and eat it from the inside. As a result, they can impact the structural stability of your home over time.

These insects are expert hiders, so you usually won't see them in your house. However, they leave signs of their presence, enabling you to discover an infestation before they cause significant damage. Common indications of termites in Arlington homes include:

  • Mud tunnels leading to your house.
  • Discarded termite wings.
  • Hollow wood.
  • Tiny wood shavings.

Our termite control services at Urbanex begin with an inspection to ensure termites are your problem. After identifying the issue, we'll place bait stations every ten feet around your exterior. These stations will eliminate termites and keep others from reaching your structure. We'll also look for damage caused by the infestation.

Our termite services include a 60-day follow-up to recheck your property for activity. We also offer annual termite inspections to protect against infestations. Let us know if termites are a concern for your Arlington home.

Don't Let Mosquitoes Take Over Your Lawn In Arlington

Summer is the most enjoyable season for many people, but mosquitoes can make it a nightmare. They rest during the day to avoid sunlight and bite during dawn and dusk. They require blood for the reproductive process, irritating residents while outside. Bites from most species are harmless, but some can spread illnesses.

Identifying the species of mosquitoes on your property is nearly impossible, so keeping them all away is essential for your health. Even if the species on your lawn is harmless, their bites make it hard to enjoy the warm weather. Tips to keep mosquitoes from biting on your Arlington lawn include:

  • Remove standing water from your property.
  • Trim your grass and vegetation regularly.
  • Wear long sleeves, pants, and shoes while outside.
  • Clear water from your gutters, buckets, and pots.

Urbanex provides Arlington mosquito control services. Our service technicians will inspect your property to find concerns and use fog in breeding areas. We can also use larvicide tablets to keep these pests from reproducing and recommend ways to deter others from invading your lawn.

Our recurring mosquito services are seasonal, so we'll return every 21 days between April and September. Give us a call if mosquitoes are biting on your Arlington lawn.


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