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White Bluff is a quaint town in Dickson County, TN. It got its name from the white bluffs that run along Turnbull Creek. This city brings residents the peace nature has to offer. Whether you want to enjoy the hiking trails Montgomery Bell State Park provides or a canoe trip on Harpeth River, you'll find plenty to do. White Bluff is a desirable place for young families and individuals to live. The area's urban environment and access to the outdoors also mean that pest problems can develop at any time, and when they do, pest control experts will be there with quality pest control in White Bluff.

As members of the community we serve, we work tirelessly to create pest-free homes and businesses for our customers. We can do so with decades of experience. Please call us today to schedule your free inspection and learn more about how our services can protect your property. 

Residential Pest Control In White Bluff

white bluff tn pest control

At Urbanex, encountering a pest problem can be troubling enough, which is why we believe that the solutions to these problems shouldn't be more harmful than the issues they're fixing. All the services we provide are environmentally friendly. 

When you work with us to keep your home pest-free, we begin by providing you with a free property inspection so that we can fully understand what your pest concerns are and where potential issues could arise. Once we've completed our assessment, we will treat the inside and outside of your home based on our findings. The products we use are family, pet, and environmentally friendly. We return every other month to ensure that your home is entirely pest-free and to re-service any areas that require it. Please call Urbanex today for a free inspection or information on our residential pest control services.

Commercial Pest Control In White Bluff

Don't take chances when it comes to protecting your White Bluff business. Instead, could you work with knowledgeable service technicians at Urbanex. We are the area's leading pest experts because we have the training and experience needed to create completely pest-free properties for all our customers. We customize our treatments to meet the specific needs of your business. We focus on eliminating pests from the root cause and treating them only where necessary.

Your service with us will always require a thorough property inspection so our service technicians can understand the full scope of your pest concerns. We will be sure to go over our findings with you. In order to keep pests out of your business throughout the year, we'll make sure to set a maintenance schedule to your specifications. Please call Urbanex today to learn more about commercial pest control for your business.

Eleven Easy & Effective Tips To Keep Ants Out Of Your White Bluff Property 

Ants are the most common nuisance pest in the White Bluff area, and here are 11 easy and effective ways to keep them out of your property:

  1. Seal up all openings in your foundation with silicone-based caulk. 
  2. Make sure that window screens are in good working condition. 
  3. Insert door sweeps where they're required and apply weatherstripping around loose doors. 
  4. Rinse out all cans and jars before disposing of them. 
  5. Always line your trash bin with a garbage bag and take the trash out regularly. 
  6. Be proactive about food particles by cleaning your kitchen and home routinely. 
  7. Tidy up spills thoroughly and pay attention to soap and detergent spills because ants can mistake this for food. 
  8. Do the dishes directly after mealtime, and don't let them pile up in the sink. 
  9. Always completely shut off faucets and hoses after you use them. 
  10. Eliminate any other areas of moisture accumulation and leaks. 
  11. Work with a pest control professional for routine protection from ants. 

For more information on reliable ant control, contact Urbanex today.

Why White Bluff Residents Shouldn't Try To Handle Termite Problems On Their Own 

Termite infestations are a type of pest problem that local property owners should not attempt to handle on their own. Not only are DIY methods costly, but they are largely ineffective. Termite infestations can contain somewhere between 1,000 and two million members, so DIY methods can not address the potential scope of an infestation.

Another key reason why it's important to avoid over-the-counter pest control products for termites is because this process requires training and knowledge that the average homeowner doesn't have. A person without training will not be to reach the termite colony because of their location inside foundations and walls.

At Urbanex, we install The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ to eliminate termite colonies quickly and effectively while also providing ongoing support against future infestations. These stations are the most effective form of termite control in White Bluff, so if you're looking to fight a termite colony on your property, please call us today. 


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