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Watertown is a small town 40 miles east of Nashville. The family-friendly community provides residents with shops, restaurants, and the Central Railway Museum. It also has a drive-in theater, enabling locals to have a traditional small-town experience.

Communities like Watertown provide relaxation, but pests can hinder your enjoyment of this town. They infest homes and businesses for food and water, causing costly damage and spreading illnesses that require medical treatment. Watertown, TN, pest control professionals can identify the intruders in your building and use the best methods to remove them.

Urbanex uses pet and family-friendly products to solve pest problems while protecting your health. We train our service technicians to handle the Tennessee creatures and tailor our treatments to your needs.

Residential Pest Control In Watertown

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Preventing pests from invading your Watertown home is essential for your health and safety. These creatures can sneak through the tiniest gaps in your exterior, hide in hard-to-reach spaces, and spread damage and illnesses while inside. The difficulty in finding and removing them requires home pest control in Watertown, TN.

Our service technicians at Urbanex begin by inspecting your property to identify pests, vulnerabilities, and entry points. We'll drive the pests out of your home and create a liquid barrier around your exterior to keep them away. Creatures might appear following our initial treatment, but they will be leaving your house.

Our bimonthly and quarterly services begin one month after our initial treatment. We'll reinforce your barrier during these visits to keep future problems from occurring. Call us for the best pest protection in Watertown.

Commercial Pest Control In Watertown

Pests are among the biggest threats to Watertown businesses because they impact operations and your health. They're attracted to businesses by food and water sources, and while there, they damage equipment and contaminate products. They also spread illnesses to staff and visitors, damaging your reputation.

At Urbanex, our commercial pest control in Watertown, TN, begins with an inspection of your facility. We serve businesses in numerous industries, customizing our treatments to your needs. Our service technicians will eliminate pests in your building and keep others from invading.

Effective pest control requires recurring services for long-term success. We'll check inside and outside your facility during each visit to ensure it's pest-free. Contact us to keep unwanted visitors away from your Watertown business.

Why Watertown Residents Shouldn't Try To Face Bed Bugs Alone

Bed bug infestations are the most troubling intrusions in Watertown homes. Residents carry these pests into their houses, and the intruders spread to various rooms. Their tiny size enables them to hide in hard-to-see and reach places, biting while you sleep to avoid detection. These habits are why most residents won't see these pests in their homes, noticing signs of their presence instead.

Bed bugs reproduce rapidly while in your house, worsening your infestation. Some homeowners might attempt to eliminate the problem without help, but bed bug habits make this challenging. Some of the reasons why residents find it hard to get rid of bed bugs include:

  • They hide in hard-to-see spaces.
  • They only bite while you sleep.
  • They infest anywhere people rest.
  • They multiply while in your house.

Our bed bug removal experts at Urbanex will inspect your house to find where these pests are hiding, applying liquid, aerosol, and dust to baseboards, mattresses, and walls. We also offer mattress encasements to protect your bedding and will install them at no additional charge.

Our general services include a bed bug warranty, so we'll return to handle future infestations at no additional cost. Let us know if you're concerned about bed bugs in your Watertown home.

Spiders 101: What Watertown Residents Need To Know

Spiders are some of the most feared pests in Watertown homes. They're often seen on walls or under sinks, spinning their webs in dark corners. They primarily infest homes to hunt for insects, so they attempt to remain hidden from view. As a result, you might accidentally encounter these creatures in your house.

Many residents fear these arachnids, thinking they'll attack if they get near them. However, there are many misconceptions about these creatures. Some of the things Watertown residents should know about spiders include:

  • Spiders infest homes to hunt insects.
  • Spiders don't bite unless they feel threatened.
  • Only black widow and brown recluse spiders are health threats in Watertown.
  • Leaks are common attractants for spiders.

Even though most spiders are harmless, you likely want to keep them out of your house. Our spider removal services at Urbanex will find and remove these pests, knock down their webs, and eliminate insect infestations to keep them away. We'll also spray product around your exterior to create a barrier pests can't penetrate.

Identifying the spiders in your house can be difficult, so you need professionals to protect your residence. Give us a call if you spot these creatures in your Watertown home.


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