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Protecting your family and property from pests takes a lot of time and energy, and many homeowners may not have the schedules to keep up with it all themselves. But pests don’t take breaks and they don’t care when a good time for you might be to invade your home. They’re drawn to local properties all year long thanks to the resources that modern human living provides, which is why it’s important to think about how you can keep up with pest control in Lascassas. 

Urbanex is your local resource for pest prevention and control, so contact us today to get started.

Residential Pest Control In Lascassas

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Taking care of pests in your home — or, better yet, avoiding them in the first place — is all about addressing the factors that draw pests to local structures in the first place. Pest control experts know the areas of a property that are most vulnerable and how to treat or maintain these areas in ways that keep pests out. 

Urbanex stands behind our superior home pest control, which is why so many homeowners turn to us for these traits: 

  • Family safety: We use products that are pet- and family-friendly, so you know everything we do is safe for you and your loved ones. 
  • Web-free guarantee: We’re the only local company to offer a guarantee of no webs around your home when we do a total home pest control plan. It’s more than just a commitment to get rid of spider activity; it’s a promise to always go the extra mile for our customers. 
  • Free re-treatments: Pest activity is rarely so predictable as to go away after just one treatment. While the other guys give you a certain number of re-services, Urbanex is happy to provide an unlimited number. We want to give you what you paid for — a pest-free home — and won’t stop until we accomplish this. 

Don’t sleep on home pest control in Lascassas; partner with Urbanex to get started on comprehensive pest protection today.

Commercial Pest Control In Lascassas

Pests can be attracted to local businesses, and the toll they can take on your bottom line from property damage and loss of sales can be severe. This is why commercial property owners in Lascassas should seek protection from Urbanex — a cost-effective way for commercial pest control in Lascassas that also saves you money in the long run. 

We help all kinds of businesses and tailor our treatments to your property and your operations, so you know the solution to the problem isn’t as disruptive as the problem itself. Whether you already have pests or want to get started on keeping them out of your business for good, contact Urbanex to get started today.

How Cockroaches Go Undetected In Lascassas Homes

One of the things that makes pest infestations so disturbing is that they can invade and grow within your walls for weeks without you even noticing. Pests are good at hiding, and they take advantage of our bustling days and quiet nights to stay active while we’re preoccupied. 

Cockroaches demonstrate these traits better than any other pest, and it’s important to learn how they go undetected in Lascassas homes. Here are some of the main areas they tend to invade, and what Urbanex can do to help you: 

  • Storage areas: Roaches like to nest in storage areas like attics, garages, and crawl spaces. Not only are these areas more often dark and damp, but they tend to have lots of containers and old items for them to hide inside. 
  • Within walls: Cockroaches can even squeeze inside wall panels themselves. Roach populations can chew through insulation and lay their eggs within the warm building materials homes are made of. 
  • Exterior harborage: Pest populations tend to first form outdoors, taking advantage of yard debris or moist areas in your yard while they look for access points around your home. 

Urbanex is here to help you treat and organize these areas so you’re not at a high risk of cockroach invasions. Contact us right away for Lascassas cockroach control.

Avoid Attracting Brown Recluse Spiders In Lascassas: Here's How

Many species of spiders occupy the rolling hills and hollers of Tennessee, but none are more scary than the brown recluse. As one of the only spiders in North America that’s considered highly venomous, the brown recluse poses a greater danger to your family than the typical house spider. 

While there are steps you can take to reduce your risk, like storing firewood away from your house and sweeping away spider webs that form around your yard and exterior structures, the truth is that spiders can happen on any property. They are also drawn to homes that already have other pests around for them to feed on, which is why overall pest control is needed to truly eliminate your risk of brown recluses. 

Urbanex offers comprehensive spider control and general pest control aimed at keeping all pest populations away from your Lascassas home. We’re so certain of our results that we offer a web-free guarantee.

Get started on spider control in Lascassas by contacting Urbanex today.


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