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Columbia, TN Pest Control Services

Columbia is a city in (and the county seat of) Maury County and is included in the Nashville metropolitan area. Some of the notable aspects of our area are the southern renaissance atmosphere and beautiful antebellum houses. To protect your Columbia home or business from the area’s common pest invaders, don’t hesitate to partner with the service technicians here at Urbanex. We have what it takes to combat pest problems of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need rodent control, mosquito reduction, or cockroach removal services, the professionals at Urbanex have you covered. We are experienced in providing high-quality and environmentally-responsible pest control solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Trust the protection of your Columbia home or business to the service technicians here at Urbanex. We’re ready to provide effective pest control and prevention services you can depend on.

Residential Pest Control In Columbia, TN

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Urbanex is dedicated to protecting the health and wellbeing of your Columbia home and family. With 25 years of combined experience in the pest control industry and proven methods of pest management, we’ve made it our top priority to give your home the complete pest protection it needs. Our residential pest control process includes a four-part plan designed to provide maximum protection for your family in an environmentally responsible manner. All of our pest control services begin with a detailed inspection of your property to identify pest problems and determine the best plan of action. Then, we will work to develop a custom home pest control plan tailored for your specific pest control needs. Give a call to Urbanex today to learn more about our residential pest control programs. 

Commercial Pest Control In Columbia, TN

Owning a business is a lot of hard work, but it comes with many great benefits. Unfortunately, invading pests threaten the success of your Columbia business by spreading harmful diseases, contaminating food items, destroying inventory, and disturbing your customers. Protect your commercial property from destructive and dangerous pests by putting into place a year-round commercial pest control plan from Urbanex. We have a deep understanding of common pest threats and how to put an end to the problems they cause. It's our goal to provide excellent commercial pest control services that will keep pests such as rodents, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, and termites away from your business. All of our commercial pest control options are customized to fit the specific needs of your property, business, and situation. Don’t allow pests to get in the way of the satisfaction of your customers and damage your reputation. Instead, turn to Urbanex for ongoing commercial pest control services that will protect your Columbia business from pests, year-round.


Problems Cockroaches Cause In Columbia, TN

No one wants to find a single cockroach crawling around in their Columbia property, let alone dozens of them. Cockroaches are common property-invading pests that are known for their disgusting habits and adaptable nature. These large, oval insects get into homes and businesses in search of warmth, moisture, and food. Unfortunately, cockroach infestations cause more problems than just being a major nuisance: 

  • Cockroach infestations can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Cockroaches contain allergens in their bodies, feces, and saliva, which can get into ventilation units and spread throughout your property. These allergens may cause allergic reactions and/or asthma attacks in sensitive individuals. 
  • Cockroaches spread a wide range of harmful bacteria, human pathogens, and parasites. Invading cockroaches can carry bacteria on their legs and bodies, which can be spread to countertops, food items, and any other surfaces they crawl across. 
  • Cockroaches spread dangerous diseases. In addition to the bacteria cockroaches spread, they can also transmit diseases such as salmonellosis, cholera, typhoid fever, and dysentery. 

The best way to manage a cockroach infestation is with the help of a trained pest professional. At Urbanex, our service technicians are experienced in protecting Columbia properties from all kinds of common pests, including cockroaches. Get in touch with Urbanex today to learn more about our cockroach control and prevention methods. 


Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs To Your Columbia, TN Home

Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown pests that are the shape and size of an apple seed. These nocturnal pests feed primarily on human blood and get around by hitching rides on clothes, bags, and belongings. To avoid bringing these hitchhiking pests into your Columbia home, keep the following bed bug prevention tips in mind:

  • Avoid setting down your bags and belongings on the floors of public spaces such as libraries, schools, malls, and airports.

  • Always inspect your hotel room for signs of bed bug activity before deciding to stay there for the evening. 

  • Vacuum your floors and carpets regularly to pick up bed bugs that may have hitched a ride home with you.

  • Never bring used mattresses or furniture into your home without inspecting those items for signs of bed bugs first.

If bed bugs are living in your Columbia home, it’s time to contact the service technicians here at Urbanex. Our bed bug control services will eliminate your bed bug problem in no time at all. Contact us today to get started!


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