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Anderson County’s primary seat, called Clinton by those who love and cherish it, is one of the loveliest areas in the state of Tennessee. More than 200 years after the town was established, Clinton continues to be remembered for its ties to Aaron Burr, a dissenter who betrayed his country to national enemies. The one-time town of Burrville was renamed to Clinton, and the moniker has stuck ever since. There are a great many reasons why Clinton residents choose to settle in this area. Between a strong economy, a safe place for raising families, and a thriving community, most people love the atmosphere of this small town. Something that people do not love about Clinton, though, is its burgeoning pest population.

Although infestations may not be as bad as those found in the ‘big city,’ Clinton has more than enough pest problems of its own. Clinton, we heard you, and we care. Urbanex is proud to now serve the community of Clinton, TN with residential, commercial, and specialty pest control treatments. We are committed to making your experience a good one. Get the customer services and quick treatment times you deserve by calling our Clinton location now.

Home Pest Control In Clinton, TN

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Homeowners along the western fringe of the Appalachian Ridge experience all kinds of pest activity, much of it dangerous to human health. Rodents, roaches, bed bugs, and termites are all extremely prevalent around this area, particularly for homeowners. These pests can make a mess of your property and will do everything in their power to turn your house into their home.

Put your foot down in confidence with the help of Urbanex, your go-to responder for residential pest control emergencies. As soon as you give us the call, our team can spring into action:

  • Once we have inspected your property, we kick off with an initial service that shows immediate results. We create a perimeter around your building that keeps future pests out, and current pests in. After that, we can spot treat specialized areas to keep you and your family safe.
  • One month after the initial service, we offer a back-to-back service that breaks up remaining egg cycles inside the house.
  • We then transition to a bi-monthly pest control plan, with the quality services you need once every other month. If any additional treatments are needed between visits, we’ll come to your home for free!

Secure your place on the Urbanex residential pest control schedule by calling today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Clinton, TN

Big businesses need big solutions. No matter what your industry is in, your company will need to constantly innovate new ways to stay ahead of the curve. At Urbanex, we partner with you and your facility to create the best possible outcomes for your pest prevention. We get and keep you pest-free with every treatment, and design new ways to protect your bottom line every step of the way.

We have what it takes to beat all the competition. We separate ourselves as an industry leader by: 

  • Offering a fully functional web-free guarantee
  • Applying more than 25 years of pest control experience
  • Using safe products and treatment options for everyone

Get tough on pests without making it tough for your customers, employees, and industry partners. Start blueprinting your own commercial pest control plan with Urbanex today.

Five Key Warning Signs Your Clinton Home Needs Bed Bug Control 

The vast majority of bed bug infestations start as innocuous bites or itchy spots. These areas may be ignored even as the problem worsens, eventually branching out into other signs and symptoms. Once the infestation becomes bad enough, homeowners may begin to experience anemia, insomnia, and even secondary infections. These are dangerous issues that should be addressed by professionals as soon as possible.

How will you know if additional bed bug control is needed? By locating the following five warning signs: 

1. A sweet-smelling odor with no particular origin point

2. Black or dark red spotting on bed sheets or other linens

3. The presence of bed bug exoskeletons around the house

4. Bites or itchy spots on your body

5. Recently traveling or staying in a motel or hotel

Contact Urbanex for help getting some bed bug control right away.

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants In Clinton

All forms of ant infestations come with their unique issues, but problems associated with carpenter ants are arguably the worst of all. Here’s how to get rid of carpenter ants in your Clinton home:

  • Use waterproof caulking to seal up cracks or gaps about the house
  • Store firewood at least 25 feet away from the house, throwing away rotted logs
  • Getting ongoing pest protection from Urbanex  
  • What are you waiting for? Cash-in on incredible carpenter ant control with Urbanex’s service technicians. Submit an online contact form to get started.

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