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Although most spiders are harmless and can be beneficial to have around, brown recluse spiders are one species of arachnid you don't want on your Nashville property. Brown recluse spiders may prefer to stay away from humans, but when they bite you, you can develop a blister at the site of the bite that is followed by necrosis of the surrounding tissue. Avoiding a confrontation with these venomous spiders starts with making sure you don't have any on your property or in your house, then eliminating any that are present. Urbanex can help.

Our Brown Recluse Control Offerings

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Determining if brown recluse spiders are, in fact, present in your house is vital in providing the proper treatment for your spider problem. Urbanex's brown recluse treatment plan is extensive, and we don't want to treat your home without confirmation of an infestation.

We'll perform a detailed inspection of your home to look for brown recluse spiders. If we don't find any, we'll leave glue boards, then return several days later to see if we've caught any before proceeding with treatment.


Once we confirm there is a brown recluse spider infestation, we'll move into the treatment stage. We use a combination of liquid treatments, micro-dusting applications, and trapping and monitoring to eliminate your brown recluse problem entirely.

Areas we treat include:

  • Baseboards
  • Closets
  • Bathrooms
  • Wall Voids

Our treatments are safe for kids and pets and applied by one of our expert service technicians.


We'll perform an interior treatment every month for six months to get your brown recluse problem fully under control. We'll then move to a bi-monthly treatment that mirrors our general pest control and includes interior treatments every service.

Effective Brown Recluse Elimination

If you suspect brown recluse spiders have gotten into your home, Urbanex is ready to help. We will identify the spiders, set up a system to fully eliminate them, and provide on-going control to ensure your house stays free of these dangerous pests. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.


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