How Did I Get Bedbugs In My Nashville Home?


How Did I Get Bedbugs In My Nashville Home?

Finally home from a long trip? Are you suddenly waking up with itchy, red splotches all over your arms and legs? Something from that hotel mattress may well have hitched a ride on your luggage!

Bedbugs can be an insidious shadow hanging over your otherwise serene Nashville home. These stealthy little bloodsuckers are certainly disturbing, but the common misconception labeling them as the sign of a dirty home is simply false. They only feed on blood--not dirt or grime of any kind. The truth is, a bedbug infestation could happen to anybody. So, if you're currently contending with these unsettling parasites, don't be ashamed. You've come to the right place. 

We've put together this handy guide to give you the edge you need against these blood-guzzling bugs. Everything you need to know, from how they infest Nashville homes, to how to get rid of them, to how to avoid them in the future, will be learned here.

Bedbug Hotspots

If you do any degree of traveling, you have to remain mindful of the bedbug's most common stomping grounds. These include the bedding and furniture of any hotel or other temporary lodging that sees a lot of different people. Bedbugs tend to hitchhike around, sneaking into luggage, furniture, and clothing. After you check in anywhere, follow these steps before settling in:

  • Do NOT put your bags on the floor; use a desk or table instead.
  • Upturn any cushions or mattresses and look between all the seams.
  • Inspect the luggage rack thoroughly before use.
  • Shine a flashlight around and underneath furniture, behind curtains, and in the corners of the carpet.
  • If bedbugs are found, inform the front desk!

Bedbugs can also be found lurking in shared laundry facilities. Be mindful of where you set your belongings, and use protective bags whenever possible. While in any hotspot, be on the lookout for the signs of a bedbug infestation, including:

  • Molted skins
  • Eggs
  • Droppings
  • Blood splotches

These same signs can help you identify an infestation within your home, if the bites haven't already.

Other Contamination Risks

If you've brought in any second-hand furniture, bags, or clothing, it may be time to inspect your home for the signs listed above. Not only do they hitch a ride in from hotels and other places, but they can also stow away on used items as well. Before you buy, be sure to inspect for any signs of an infestation. Bedbugs are only about the width of the thickness of a credit card, meaning they can slip into any space with ease. Look in the seams, under any flaps or tears, in joints and drawers; anywhere you could hide a slip of paper could just as easily hide a bedbug. If you see the signature molted skins and rusty red splotches—or worse, actual bedbugs—turn away.

Prevention And Treatment

The bottom line is that bedbugs are extremely difficult to prevent. If you're unlucky enough to come into contact with them, they might just stow away in your luggage or on something you bought, and move on to infest your home. If you notice the signs of their presence, or especially if you see some of the bugs themselves, it's only a matter of time before their numbers explode. Often enough, by the time someone notices their presence, it's already a full-blown infestation. That's why it's so important to call the professionals right away. 

The experts at Urbanex can provide complete protection from these insidious parasites, driving them out of your home and preventing any possibility of a future infestation. Call now, and our highly trained pest control technicians will be with you every step of the way!

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