The Key To Keeping Pests Out Of Your Tennessee Restaurant


The Key To Keeping Pests Out Of Your Tennessee Restaurant

Pest infestations are always problematic, but they can be more of an issue for businesses than you might think. While residential pest control is essential to protect homes, commercial pest control is the key to protecting your restaurant. While any company can handle pest problems, restaurants are particularly prone to these issues because the industry engages in food preparation. Many of the most common pests in Tennessee are drawn to food sources, so a restaurant creates the ideal conditions for them to thrive. Luckily, there are ways to get Tennessee pest control to prevent pests in your restaurant. Read on to learn more.

What To Do About Pests In My Restaurant

If you find any pest infestations around your restaurant, the fastest and most effective way to remove them is with assistance from commercial pest control experts at Urbanex. While you could remove these pests independently, it’s usually not the most advisable method. Many of the common pests in Tennessee are invasive and tricky to remove, but they also pose many health and safety risks.

For example, rodents and cockroaches are some of the most frequent invaders. Both of these species can reproduce quickly, known for spreading many diseases. Rodents can transmit hantavirus, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, and cockroaches can transmit around 35 different illnesses, including dysentery and gastroenteritis.

Five Tips To Keep Your Restaurant Pest Free

While pest control services are the ultimate way to remove pest problems from your restaurant, it’s also a good idea to take steps on your own to remove any attractants. The following tips are a great way to practice general pest prevention throughout the year. And, while they won’t guarantee that you’ll never have a pest problem, they can reduce the risk.

Here is where to start:

  1. Seal up any holes around the structure using products like caulk and foam.
  2. Be sure to take out the trash regularly and put lids that fit tightly on all trash cans.
  3. According to health and safety codes, ensure that your restaurant is kept as clean as possible.
  4. Try to keep doors and windows closed as much as possible to keep pests from getting inside.
  5. Fix any leaky plumbing and remove standing water around the property to lower moisture problems.

The Most Important Thing To Know About Commercial Pest Control

There are many reasons to obtain assistance from pest professionals, but safety is one of the most important. Many pests can spread illnesses and cause other health issues, and it wouldn't be wise to risk the health of customers and employees. Pest invasions can cause a multitude of problems. Health violations can be costly, not to mention the damage to your reputation that can occur if pests are sighted.

Commercial Pest Control In Tennessee You Can Trust

It is challenging to deal with pest problems as they arise, and usually, this method will waste your time and money. Instead, let our team at Urbanex assist you with ongoing commercial pest control. Our services can remove any existing infestations and provide protection throughout the year. Please find out more about our Tennessee pest control services and treatment plans by calling us today.

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