Don’t Let Carpenter Ants Tear Up Your Tampa Home


Don’t Let Carpenter Ants Tear Up Your Tampa Home

Carpenter ants in Tampa can cause serious damage if an infestation is left undetected or uncontrolled, something that can result in the risk of structural collapse and costly repairs. Our article aims to help you understand how to get rid of carpenter ants and how Tampa pest control can assist you with this task.

Where Are Typical Carpenter Ant Nesting Sites?

Carpenter ants are known for their love of living in wooden areas, and most of the time, they will choose to set up their nests in moist or decaying wood that other insects have previously inhabited. As a result, you will typically find carpenter ant nests in areas such as hollow trees, piles of timber or wood, and around homes in windows, chimneys, doorframes, and wall voids. A carpenter ant’s favorite place for shelter is wood and the gaps in any insulation or framing around your home.

It is important to note that once carpenter ants invade these wooden areas, they will typically expand on the damage there via their chewing and tunneling. Learning how to get rid of carpenter ants in your house is essential to avoid carpenter ant damage to your home.

Is It Possible To Hear Carpenter Ants Chewing A Wall?

It is possible to hear carpenter ants chewing a wall; this is one of the most often recognized signs of carpenter ants in your home. You are more likely to hear this noise at nighttime when the ants are more active and everything around your home is quieter. Carpenter ant chewing will sound much like rustling or clicking in the walls.

Other important signs to look out for that indicate carpenter ant damage include carpenter ant frass in your home, visually damaged or decaying wood, sightings of carpenter ants on your property, and hollow-sounding walls.

What Not To Do About Carpenter Ant Damage 

While many experts tell you what to do when you see carpenter ants, there are also some things that you should not do when you discover carpenter ant damage in your home.

  • Don’t ignore the damage in your home and write it off as normal. A proper inspection is needed to ensure that your home remains safe and identify the scale of any pest issues.
  • Don’t neglect to identify your pest culprit. Often, the cause of damaged wood is termites instead of carpenter ants, which is an equally serious pest problem.
  • Don’t rely on DIY ant control methods alone to solve your pest issues. These can often be less than effective at removing a widespread infestation.
  • Don’t forget to put carpenter ant prevention steps into place; this can help deter reinfestation and reduce the scale of your active ant infestation.

Remember, the sooner you reach out to a professional at Urbanex about your carpenter ant problem, the sooner it can be taken care of and further damage put to a stop.

Carpenter Ant Extermination In Tampa

For carpenter ant extermination you can count on, our experts at Urbanex have got you covered. You can trust our professionals to provide you with customized treatment solutions that target the source of your carpenter ant problem and entirely remove infestations, putting damage to a stop. 

With the help of our experts at Urbanex, your home will be protected from this pest and safe to live in again.

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