How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Nashville Home


How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Nashville Home

Ants are common in Nashville, but many homeowners don't realize how invasive they can be until it's too late. These insects can cause harm to people and buildings if left unchecked. Thankfully, commercial ant control offers a swift solution to ant infestations. As one of the best Nashville pest control companies, we want to help homeowners protect themselves against ants. Check out our guide below to discover the real threat ants can pose in Nashville and how you can defend your home against them. And when you need affordable ant control solutions, don't hesitate to call our team at Urbanex for fast, friendly service.

The Many Types Of Ants That Can invade Your Home

There are over 900 species of ants in the United States alone. Nashville plays host to less than ten of them, however. They include:

  • Fire ants: These are the most aggressive ants in Nashville, stinging anyone who trespasses on their perceived territory. Such behavior creates a painful problem for homeowners once the ants decide to move in.

  • Odorous house ants: As the name suggests, these black ants release a foul odor when crushed. However, they don't pose a direct threat to humans.

  • Carpenter ants: A unique class of ants, this species will hollow out wood to create ideal nesting spots. They're also bigger than most ants in Nashville, measuring up to 1/2 inch in length.

Different ants have different behaviors, and it's essential to consider what makes them different when considering ant pest control options. Our Urbanex technicians understand ant behaviors and use that knowledge to identify nest locations in your home quickly. Our comprehensive top-to-bottom inspections will uncover ants, no matter where they hide.

An Ant Infestation Can Cause Many Problems In Your Home

Regardless of how little harm an ant may pose to you directly, your home isn't so lucky. Depending on the type of ant invading, their destructive behaviors could negatively affect your house. Carpenter ants, for example, will weaken or destroy wood.

Some ants also create fire hazards by stripping and damaging wires, and knowing what variety of ants you're facing can clue you into the damage they may have caused. But instead of guessing, you can always turn to one of our professionals at Urbanex for immediate identification.

Practical Ant Prevention Tips For Your Home

Ant prevention tips don't have to be complicated, nor do they need to rely on expensive products. Instead, making simple changes around your home will form a strong defense against ants (and other pests). Here are some steps you can take right away:

  • Use air-tight storage for your food: For example, many ants seek out sugar, fruit, and vegetables. Leaving these in the open gives them all the more reason to invite themselves in.

  • Fix cracks in your home's exterior: Ants are more likely to get inside through damage to a wall or foundation than anywhere else. Seal these openings to deter them from entering.

  • Clean up around your lawn: Practicing ant control in your yard is necessary to keep them out of your home. In addition, eliminate food sources, like discarded fruit or vegetables, by keeping your lawn in pristine condition.

When you decide to work with a Urbanex technician, you get more than top-rate extermination services. Our pest control methods include prevention as well. We'll show you how ants find their way into your home and how you can stop them.

The Trick To Total Ant Control For Your Home

If you want a complete ant control program that will clear your home of pests and prevent future infestations, then you need Urbanex. We work closely with every customer to build a comprehensive pest control plan to eliminate even the most stubborn pests. Don't delay! Call us for a free estimate and see why Urbanex is the best ant control in Nashville!

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