Is It Dangerous To Have Bed Bugs In My Dallas, TX Home?

Bed Bugs

Is It Dangerous To Have Bed Bugs In My Dallas, TX Home?

Sleeping might be the most risk-free activity you complete on a regular day. Well, almost. Your risk for getting attacked by things while asleep is usually pretty slim, especially these days. However, a recent uptick in Dallas, TX bed bug populations has recently turned this statement on its head in a big, big way. 

What Is A Bed Bug?

Bed bugs are small, oval-shaped, apple seed-sized insects that prey on people’s blood while they sleep. As an ancient pest species, these parasitical hitchhikers are well known for their almost coordinated attacks on people while they sleep, rest, and relax in their homes. As a general rule, bed bugs do not spontaneously appear inside of homes or buildings, but rather are imported by people, pets, or property that has recently been in an infested area.

What exactly do bed bugs look like? If you can catch these insects moving around at all (these creatures are nocturnal and rarely active during daylight hours), you might expect to see some of the following:

  • A ¼ inch pest with six tiny legs
  • Creatures in color patterns of brown, rusty red, or dark tan
  • An oval-shaped insect with an abdomen bigger than its head or thorax combined

The recent reemergence of bed bug populations, as well as the arriving tourism season here in Dallas, TX will make bed bugs a bigger threat than ever in 2021. Some people have never experienced the threat of bed bugs before, while others aren’t quite as savvy with their bed bug knowledge. This leads to the incorrect opinion that bed bugs are simply not that dangerous to have around. However, true Dallas, TX area locals who have a premonition of bed bug danger are much closer to the truth than they know.

The Health Concerns Of Dallas, TX Bed Bugs

Bug activity is always serious in the home, especially when it begins interfering in the lives of you and your loved ones. Bed bugs are no exception to this rule. Biting people while asleep, bed bugs cause itchy bites and unattractive red swellings that may last for several days or even weeks. This constant barrage of feeding may lead to overnight insomnia, bleeding of itchy spots, and secondary infections after scratching open wounds. Bed bug infestations that continue for long enough may even lead to anemia in at-risk victims.

High volumes of bed bugs may create a sweet, strange, and often strong odor that instigates breathing problems for asthmatics or those with certain conditions. Victims of bed bug odor may need to relocate if the scent becomes cloying enough.

There is still no concrete evidence that bed bugs transmit disease, but this idea has not yet been totally ruled out by healthcare or research professionals. Beyond the health aspects of a bed bug infestation, these insects are extremely difficult to prevent and control in more urban environments. In areas that encourage a high volume of travel, tourism, or human traffic (hint: Dallas, Texas), you can be sure that bed bugs are only a few degrees away from you and the people you love.

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