How To Tell If It's Bed Bugs In Your Boston, MA Home

Bed Bugs

How To Tell If It's Bed Bugs In Your Boston, MA Home

While some pests are very unique in their appearance, others blend in with a multitude of species. In any case, it can be hard to distinguish one insect or creature from another. You might be completely befuddled when you see a creepy pest making its way across your Boston, MA home. When that happens, you might not know how to eliminate them. Lots of people are confused by bed bugs.

Bed bugs are small insects that bite humans and animals to drink their blood. Their nibbling results in red and itchy welts. Due to their living habits and speedy reproduction, the pests are very challenging to combat. Learn how to identify bed bugs and prevent their intrusions with a hand from Urbanex.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From? What Are Signs of Infestation?

If you eye a moving object that looks like an apple seed, it’s probably a bed bug. These insects are reddish-brown and around 0.25 of an inch long. While they are dainty and circular overall, their heads are distinctly tinier than their tails. In the middle is a midsection with an offbeat form. Two antennas and six legs help them wander about. You might find their pearly white eggs, which are 0.03 of an inch long. Translucent nymphs emerge from them. Bed bugs don’t have overwhelmingly rare features, so they’re commonly mistaken for other pests.

Contrary to widespread belief, bed bugs don’t target filthy homes. Dirt doesn’t attract or motivate them; blood does. The fluid is key to their lifespan. Animal hubs and public places are rife with these critters. Farms, airports, hotels, schools, and offices are examples of locations that are often impacted. Bed bugs will get into your bags and clothes and take off with you to home. Once landed, they will go to:

  • Wallpaper
  • Flooring
  • Wood Trim
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Mattresses
  • Couches
  • Upholstery
  • Fabrics

You’ll know that you have a bed bug infestation when you encounter stains, odors, and bites on your skin. Surfaces and fabrics inside your abode will be marred with reddish-brown smudges and blood drops. Black and brown fecal particles and marks will be present as well. Each room is likely to have a musty smell in the air. Crowds of patchy bumps that seem like a rash will arise on your face, neck, arms, and legs. They can be anywhere on your body.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Bed Bugs?

When you’re out in public:

  • Avoid sitting your personal effects on the ground or floor.
  • Ask staff to relocate you to another unit far away if you see bed bugs in your hotel room.
  • Put your luggage in a plastic bag or protective cover.
  • Use hot water to wash your travel clothes. Then, dry them for 20 minutes on high heat.

When you’re at home:

  • On a routine basis use a flashlight to examine head and footboards, box springs, and mattress seams. Look under beds as well.
  • Regularly inspect bags, purses, laundry, furniture, and drawer interiors.
  • Scope out second-hand items before purchasing, such as furniture and appliances, for infestation evidence

How Will Urbanex Handle Bed Bugs?

The commercial products and “do it yourself” tactics typically employed for bed bugs tend to fall short. They won't reach an infestation and will only kill individual insects. On top of that, they are quite expensive and many are hazardous. For a more efficient approach, contact us at Urbanex. Our experienced technicians will apply industrial-grade liquids, aerosols, or dusts. Don’t worry; your home will be safe. Warranties are attached to these services. Mattress encasements for ongoing protection are available. Get started with bed bug control today by calling us at Urbanex today and asking for a free inspection! 

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