What Is The Easiest Way To Fend Off Mosquitoes In Tampa?


What Is The Easiest Way To Fend Off Mosquitoes In Tampa?

Mosquitoes are annoying pests, and it can seem like there is no escape from them in Tampa. Bug spray, fans, and citronella candles will only get you so far, and you’ll likely still end up with multiple mosquito bites. If you’ve had enough of mosquitoes, we have the easiest and most effective way to fend them off.

Professional pest control in Tampa is the best way to combat mosquitoes on your property. Discover ways to repel mosquitoes and learn how Urbanex can help.

Mosquitoes In Tampa: What You Should Know

Mosquitoes in Florida and around the nation are very small, just ¼ to ⅜ inch long. They have iridescent scales on their bodies and wings. If you look closely at them, you may notice their thread-thin legs and long proboscis (mouthpart).

Infestations are relatively easy to identify; you will see mosquitoes flying around, and they will most likely bite you. If you go near vegetation or standing water on your property, you will likely see these pests. Mosquitoes can’t produce eggs without blood; therefore, females will try to bite you. Mosquito bites appear red and swollen because of a reaction to the bug’s saliva.

In some cases, you can become ill after being bitten by these bugs. Some of the diseases you can get from mosquitoes are:  

  • West Nile virus
  • Dengue 
  • Chikungunya
  • Encephalitis

Other viruses, such as Zika, yellow fever, and malaria, are not caused by mosquitoes in the United States, but outbreaks can occur due to international travel.

Three Natural Ways To Repel Mosquitoes

Home remedies for mosquitoes are ineffective compared to professional solutions. However, there are a few ways to reduce mosquitoes on your property or keep them from biting you. Try these tips:

  • Tidy up the lawn: Mow the grass and snip greenery often. Take away standing water. Keep vents and gutters free of debris.     
  • Use fans and citronella candles: Both of these can help keep mosquitoes at bay.
  • Remove standing water: Get rid of any areas of standing water on your property to reduce breeding areas for mosquitoes.

You should also wear insect repellent, long pants and sleeves, and shoes and socks to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

FAQ: Spraying for Mosquitoes

If you’ve never had professional mosquito control before, chances are you have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about mosquito spraying:

Does mosquito spraying really work?

While no product can offer 100% mosquito elimination, our mosquito services will reduce mosquito populations dramatically.

Does mosquito fogging treat mosquito eggs and larvae?

Mosquito fogging only targets adult mosquitoes. However, we will use larvicide tablets in areas of standing water to prevent eggs and larvae from maturing to adulthood.

How often do I need mosquito control?

Mosquito control is most effective with regular follow-up treatments. Our mosquito program provides treatment every 21 days April through September, to keep mosquito populations low throughout their peak season.

Control Mosquitoes The Easy Way With Urbanex

For a simple, safe, and successful solution, reach out to the team at Urbanex. After a complete inspection, our experienced technicians will target breeding and harborage points. Our powerful treatments include backpack foggers and larvicide tablets. Recurring services are available during peak activity from April through September. Call us today for a free inspection!

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