Why Is There An Abundance Of Spiders In My Knoxville Home?


Why Is There An Abundance Of Spiders In My Knoxville Home?

Spiders can turn even the toughest person in Knoxville into a panicked mess. Many people are aware of the old saying that you are never more than a few feet from a spider. Because of that, it’s very easy to be afraid of spiders. There are many spiders in the world and around your home in Knoxville. Therefore, there is some truth to that old saying. Common household spiders can be found in almost every home at some point in the Knoxville area. But that’s nothing to be afraid of, because as many spiders as there are, there are just as many ways to kill spiders when they show up or keep them from entering your home in the first place.

Types Of Spiders In Knoxville

Do you know how many spiders there are in the world? There are well over 43,000 different types of small spiders all across the planet. Here are a few different spiders in the area:

  • Wolf spider
  • Cellar spider
  • Jumping spider
  • Orb-weaver spider
  • Brown recluse 
  • Black widow

The brown recluse and black widow are both able to harm humans with their bites and are more dangerous than other spiders. Spiders are pretty creepy on their own, but coupled with the fact that they can potentially harm you, they can be scary. Most of these spiders don’t typically bite unless provoked, but if you are bitten, take proper safety measures.

Should I Be Concerned About Spiders In Knoxville?

Finding common household spiders around your home isn’t exactly something to be overly concerned with. For the most part, the reason people hate spiders is due to their unsettling appearance and the fear they cause. While there are dangerous types of spiders in Knoxville, there are more that would just be dubbed more a nuisance than a threat.

However, that typically does nothing to make people less afraid of spiders when they show up. So we completely understand if you don’t want to deal with these pests in your home. They don’t pay rent and they make you scared to go to into parts of your home. Who wouldn’t want effective ways to kill spiders? Our team makes dealing with them easy and painless.

Why Are Spiders Invading My Knoxville Home?

Do you know why different types of small spiders even show up inside your home? There are so many and they are very small. Spiders don’t need much of an opening to find their way inside, but they can be stopped. Here are some things you can do to keep spiders from breaking in:

  • Keep your lawn mowed. Spiders love hiding in tall grass.
  • Clear food waste from your home and yard. Spiders eat bugs that can be attracted to left-out food.
  • Buy a dehumidifier to keep your home from becoming a spider's tropical vacation.
  • Check any firewood, patio furniture, or outdoor equipment before bringing it inside, or else you risk bringing the spiders in, too.
  • Fill in any gaps on your doors or window seals.
  • Ensure you don't have a secondary pest infestation of the insects that spiders prey on. 

Keeping up with your home’s maintenance is a good way to keep all kinds of bugs, like spiders, at bay. But if you want a guarantee, then turn to a professional team for your spider problem.

What Should I Do About Spiders In My Knoxville Home?

Our team at Urbanex can help you effectively rid your home of all types of spiders. When it comes to up-to-date methods that have a lasting effect, we are the clear choice. Our technicians are well experienced with more than 25 years of combined knowledge in the business. You can depend on our personalized treatment of your pest problem.

At Urbanex, we give our customers peace of mind, knowing that when we leave the problem will be gone too. Between our same-day service options and our money-back guarantee, you can trust that we’ll get the job done right. Our team at Urbanex will never cut corners, so call to get the ball rolling towards your pest-free home today.

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