What Spider Control Means For Nashville Homeowners


What Spider Control Means For Nashville Homeowners

If you're an Nashville homeowner, spider control is something you should be thinking about. While most spiders in the Sooner State are harmless, a few can pack a punch. The black widow and the brown recluse are two of the most venomous spiders around. 

So if you spot one - especially if you're uncertain of the species - it's best to call in a professional Nashville pest control firm to take care of the problem safely and effectively. Don't try to solve the problem yourself - you could put yourself in danger. Let the professionals take care of it for you.

Spiders That Invade Nashville Homes

There are approximately 32 different spider species known to invade Nashville homes. The most common household spiders found in the area are:

  • Wolf spider: The wolf spider is the most common species in Nashville. They are about an inch long, with brown and gray coloring. 
  • House spider: These spiders are tiny, with a body about ½ inch long. They have brown and gray coloring, and they build webs in corners and near windows. 
  • Grass spiders: They are about ½ an inch long, with a leg span of up to one inch. They have a brown and yellow coloring and build funnel-shaped webs in tall grass or weeds near the home. 

While most of these spiders are considered nuisance pests and aren't harmful, a few can be dangerous, including:

  • Black widow: If a female black widow bites you, you may experience severe muscle pain and cramping, fever, nausea, tremors, or paralysis.
  • Brown recluse: They are usually identified by their six eyes arranged in pairs. Most bites from the brown recluse don't require medical attention, but some can cause death.

Don't let your phobia of spiders keep you from enjoying your home. If you have a spider problem, call the experts. They'll safely and effectively get rid of spiders in your home.

No More Unsightly Spider Webs

One of the most common signs of a spider problem is unsightly spider webs. Spider webs are not only ugly, but they can also be a health hazard. Not only do they provide a place for spiders to live and breed, but they can also trap dust and other allergens, which can aggravate allergies and asthma.

You can limit the number of spiders in your home by taking a few simple steps:

  • Remove clutter from your home as spiders love to build their webs in dark, cluttered spaces
  • Fix any leaks or cracks in your home's exterior, which spiders can use as entry points
  • Install door sweeps and window screens to keep spiders out
  • Regularly vacuum and sweep your floors to remove spider webs and eggs

Spiders make their way indoors, looking for their next meal. If you have a larger insect population in your house, spiders will take advantage of this opportunity. Therefore, to effectively rid spiders, you need to consider a comprehensive pest control plan. Fortunately, at Urbanex, we have recurring pest control options to help you rid spiders and the pest prey they hunt from your Nashville home. 

No More Stressing About Getting Bit By A Spider

While most spiders are helpful - they help keep the population of other pests under control - it doesn't mean you want them in your home. You could get rid of spiders naturally by using essential oils to kill spiders and their eggs. However, if you're stressed out about the possibility of getting bit by a spider, or if spiders are making your life miserable, call a professional pest control company. Our team at Urbanex has the tools and experience to get spiders and their pest prey out of your Nashville homes. 

No More Spiders In Or Around Your Home

If you're one of the many people who have arachnophobia, spiders in your home can be a huge problem. Our team of licensed professionals at Urbanex offers spider control services to help you get rid of spiders from your home - and keep them out.

So, if you're tired of living with a spider infestation, don't stress - pick up the phone and call us today! 

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