Why Do I Have Fleas In My Boston Home?


Why Do I Have Fleas In My Boston Home? 

It’s not easy being a fur parent, and if your four-legged companions happen to bring home some of these jumping insects, your life is about to get a whole lot more complicated. 

See, fleas aren’t visible on pets, people, or personal objects with the naked eye alone. Sure, you might be able to spot the flea dirt they leave behind, or the itchy bites and rashes they create on your skin. However, you will not be able to spot their physical forms hopping from person to place to pet. As you might expect, these dangerous parasites cause a plethora of problems, from the spread of disease to the contamination of appliances.

Why do you have fleas in your Boston home? Well, we have a few guesses:

  • Fleas can travel like miniature hitchhikers on rats and mice. If you have or suspect you might have a rodent problem in the home, you might be dealing with an underlying flea problem as well. 
  • Outdoor and indoor pets alike can transfer fleas from the backyard into your home. 
  • If you have recently spent the night in an unusual territory or interacted with a pet that has fleas, you may have carried them home to your pets.

Thankfully, fleas are not a death sentence to your pet’s happiness and well-being. Still, it is important to do what you can to prevent their activities before they cause too much damage.

How To Prevent Fleas From Starting In The Home

The following are some proven ways to prevent fleas from gaining a foothold in your home:

  • The biggest point on this list will be to address rodents and other wildlife invaders who could be bringing fleas inside the home. If you are interested in having your home evaluated for rodent or wildlife activity, book a complimentary inspection with Urbanex at your earliest convenience. 
  • Clear up any lingering yard debris, paying special attention to leaf piles, compost bins, weed piles, and more. 
  • Care for your pets with preventative flea treatments, ranging from collars and topical ointments to oral tablets and shots. Discuss your flea prevention options with a trusted veterinarian in your area.

Boston Flea Prevention Begins With Urbanex 

How you got fleas in your home is a fairly deductible mystery, but determining how to get them out of the house is much more complicated. At the end of the day, you need more than simple prevention steps and flea treatments to stay safe. The best and only way to keep a flea infestation from becoming bigger than you can handle is to rely on professional treatments from professional sources. After enough time, over the counter formulas and generalized pest control steps may only jeopardize the health and safety of your family. You will need to rely on a much stronger line of defense to truly protect those you love.

For more help and assistance related to flea prevention in your Boston home, contact the team at Urbanex right away. At Urbanex, we care about so much more than your bottom dollar. With over 25 years of combined experience serving Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts, our crew has the chops to take on any level of flea infestation in your home.

To learn more about how we can help you get (and stay) flea-free, call the Boston office of Urbanex right away. Our service agents are passionate about helping you achieve a pest-free lifestyle, and even more passionate about equipping you to take on all pest adversaries. Cut to the chase and defend your pets from fleas with a little help from Urbanex now.

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