Six Simple Tips To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Dallas, TX Home


Six Simple Tips To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Dallas, TX Home

Spiders are frightening to look at. They have odd features and erratic behaviors that can startle people. The majority have chunky, centralized bodies that are oblong. Multiple sets of long, angled legs surround their frames. Many are a bit hairy, and all of them have several eyes. Some can leap across wide distances or run pretty quickly. The average person is most scared of the venom they carry and the tacky webs they seem to leave everywhere.

Not every spider is as ominous as they appear; a few species are considered largely harmless. In any event, the arachnids aren’t welcome in Dallas, TX homes. With a little reading, you can learn about common subgroups in the city and how to prevent them with these six tips from Urbanex. 

Tip #1 Take Care of Repairs

It doesn’t take much effort for a spider to get inside of a human dwelling. The pests can get past cracks and holes of just about any size. Given this, it’s important to have openings in doors, windows, and foundations sealed. After, look over your screens and sweeps to ensure that they are intact. The next thing you’ll want to do is have any fixture breaks or leaks repaired. Do this as soon as possible. Further, control warmth by utilizing a dehumidifier or an air conditioner. Moisture and humidity are like magnets for spiders.

Tip #2 Get Neat

Tidying things up around the home is pivotal to deterring creepy crawlers, and spiders are no exception. These bugs won’t be able to conceal themselves as well if you keep the amount of clutter down. It also helps to dust often and vacuum rugs. Floors should be swept and mopped frequently.

Tip #3 Store Food And Trash Properly

Only use containers that have airtight lids for food and garbage storage. If spiders don’t have a  consistent meal source, they won’t find your space appealing. To this end, thoroughly clean your kitchen and pantries on a routine basis too. This includes washing countertops and dishes.

Tip #4 Work the Yard

Wolf and black widow spiders, and those similar to them, thrive in natural, outdoor locations. Thus, it would behoove you to maintain your lawn. Cut the grass and trim greenery regularly. Remove decaying or dead material, such as fallen branches, leaves, and other organic debris. Place plants, flowers, and woodpiles two feet or more away from exterior doors. Additionally, look over fire logs, boxes, and external furniture before pulling them inside. 

  • Wolf Spiders: These 1 inch long bugs are brown, gray, or black, with yellow markings. They dig burrows in soil rather than spin webs, which ultimately damages landscaping. Ground matter will be at a greater risk than humans or domestic animals.
  • Black Widow Spiders: This class of arachnids has distinctive features, like black, shiny skin, and a red abdominal mark that's shaped like an hourglass. They vary in size from 0.12 to 0.51 of an inch long. Since they consume other critters and hunt for them indoors, their presence implies an overall pest issue. Be careful if you see one; they have debilitating neurotoxins in their venom.

Tip #5 Wipe up Webs

Spiders use webs to catch prey and get settled. You can’t let the sticky masses sit, regardless of how much it might gross you out to go near them. Take up any you notice.

Tip #6 Contact Urbanex

We at Urbanex have an expansive and comprehensive treatment approach that will certainly eliminate spiders long-term. Our safe solutions involve de-webbing, granulation, and exterior protective liquid barriers. Servicing for a plethora of areas is also available. For instance, patios, garages, drains, and crawlspaces. Recurring visits are an option. Call today for a free inspection!

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