What Everyone In Knoxville Ought To Know About Weevils


What Everyone In Knoxville Ought To Know About Weevils 

Weevils (Curculionidae) are a type of beetles that are present in Knoxville, Tennessee. They are slender and measure between 3mm and 10mm. Many of them are pear-shaped. Most weevils are dark-colored (browns and blacks.) The distinguishing feature all weevils share is an elongated head that ends in a snout. Weevils are significant pests for many crops. When weevils enter a home, it is usually to escape hot and dry conditions outside. Weevils are not dangerous to people or pets but may contaminate grains, spices, beans, cereals, and other such foods.

Life Cycle Of Weevils

The female adult lays her eggs on food. The eggs may hatch rapidly or wait for favorable conditions to hatch. Many species of weevils can go through a whole transition from egg to adult in four or five weeks, meaning they can spread very rapidly. When that food item is gone, weevils will move on to the next available food source.

How Did I Get Weevils?

Weevils generally enter a home in one of two ways. A weevil outside may enter through a crack or crevasse to escape dry and hot conditions. Other weevils come in as eggs laid in food that you buy and bring home. When the eggs warm-up to room temperature, they hatch and start eating the food around them. Since weevils grow rapidly and reproduce so often, they can spread throughout your pantry until you take steps to eliminate them.

DIY Weevil Control

One of the best things you can do when you have a weevil infestation is to vacuum the weevils in the house up. Be sure to empty the vacuum into a plastic bag and seal it good before placing it in the trash. To prevent the infestation in the first place, seal all cracks and crevices, especially where the foundation meets the house. Close all gaps around pipes and electrical cords entering the house. Also, be sure to check items at the store before purchasing them. If an item has a rip or hole in it, choose a different package to bring home.

Indoor pantry pest weevils are hard to get rid of. You must find the item the weevils came into your house in and throw it out. Because weevil eggs are so tiny, you can’t be sure which other items are contaminated. You must dispose of the items around that package. Breakfast cereals, rice, cake mix, beans, spices, or anything else with cereal grains, beans, or spices in it must go. To prevent infestation, place items such as flour, beans, spices, cake mix, cereal, etc in the freezer for two days at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This freezes the eggs and prevents them from hatching. When you take the items out of the freezer, placing them in a weevil proof plastic or metal container will keep them safe.

Hire The Professional Weevil Removers At Urbanex

Getting rid of weevils can be hard. They can come in through tiny cracks you can barely see. Sealing all of those cracks is difficult. If you have a pantry infestation, finding the box the weevils arrived in can be difficult, especially if the pests are well established when you find them. Make things easier on yourself by partnering with Urbanex in Knoxville, Tennessee. We will remove the pests that are in your house and prevent new ones from entering from outside.

When you call Urbanex, we will send out a technician to treat your problem. Here are the steps to expect from Urbanex:

  • Inspect inside and outside the home 
  • Present a plan of action to take care of the pests you have
  • Spray a repellent inside to drive the pests out 
  • Spray the outside to kill the pests 
  • Apply granular treatment for 20 feet around the house 
  • Power spray a 3 X 3 feet barrier spray around your foundation

Urbanex will return in a month to spray a protective barrier around the outside of your home so that newly hatched larvae cannot reinfest the house. After this, we will come by bi-monthly to treat your home so you stay pest-free. Call Urbanex today at (270) 743-9513 and get rid of those weevils. 

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