Why Is It Important To Keep Cockroaches Out of My Dallas Home?


Why Is It Important To Keep Cockroaches Out of My Dallas Home?

Everyone knows how gross and disgusting cockroaches are, but not many know how dangerous an infestation can be. They may not have destructive capabilities and they don't possess any life-threatening venom, but their presence in your Dallas home would be very hazardous for your health. Cockroaches are carriers for all kinds of harmful bacteria, and if you have an ongoing infestation in your home, your health is already at risk.

Most Common Home-Invading Cockroaches In Dallas

Even though there are 55 different species of cockroaches in the United States, only a handful of species regularly infest homes and businesses. In Dallas, these invasive species can be narrowed down to four:

  • American Cockroaches – can grow over two inches long, dark reddish-brown with wings that extend over the length of their bodies
  • German Cockroaches – roughly ½ of an inch long, light brown with two dark stripes that run down the length of their wings
  • Brown-Banded Cockroaches – roughly ½ of an inch long, light brown with dark brown bands around body and wings
  • Oriental Cockroaches – can grow over an inch long, dark brown to black, and wingless

Cockroaches are incredibly beneficial to the environment as they encourage the natural cycle of decomposition. The biggest problem with that, though, is they often nest in filthy locations before they infest homes, such as sewers, dumpsters, and places where decay is prominent. These locations are covered in harmful bacteria, like salmonella, C. Difficile, gastroenteritis, tuberculosis, cholera, and leprosy.

Helpful Tips For Preventing Cockroaches From Infesting Your Dallas Home

The most significant assumption people make about cockroaches is that they only infest dirty homes, but that's not true at all. While dirty homes hold more desirable qualities for these pests, they'll happily invade neat, tidy, and nearly spotless homes as well. Cockroaches are resilient creatures that can live for weeks off of scarce essentials, but while this makes prevention difficult, it doesn't make it impossible:

  • Keep your property clear of fallen leaves, mulch piles, and yard debris
  • Clean out your gutters regularly
  • Add tight-fitting lids on all indoor and outdoor trash cans
  • Seal up any potential entry points around the exterior of your home; siding, foundation, door and window frames, around pipes and wires, roof, and trim
  • Replace worn-down insulation around windows and doors
  • Address any moisture problems in and around your home; leaky pipes, compacted soil, excessive water damage, loose shingles, and moisture-retaining rooms like bathroom, kitchen, and basement
  • Keep all food, including pet food, stored in airtight containers
  • Wipe down countertops and dining tables daily
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum regularly to keep food particles off of the floor
  • Deep clean under heavy appliances and furniture such as stove, fridge, TV stand, and couches
  • Downsize on any clutter that may be around your home

How To Safely Exterminate A Cockroach Infestation In Your Dallas Home

While cockroach infestations are dangerous to have in your Dallas home, trying to get rid of them on your own can be just as hazardous. Store-bought pesticides contain a lot of carcinogens and aren't nearly as effective as they're advertised, so you'd be filling your home with unnecessary poisons and lulling yourself into a false sense of security at the same time. You need effective solutions for dangerous infestations, which is why you should trust Urbanex to solve your cockroach problems.

As a family-owned and operated business that is expanding rapidly, we're confident in our ability to meet your pest control needs. We use high-quality pest control products that are family and pet safe, we never cut corners in our treatments, and every service comes with our money-back guarantee and unlimited re-services. You shouldn't have to worry about your health in your own home, so get in contact with us today to start discussing your personalized treatment plan.

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