Why German Cockroaches Are Bad News In Your Nashville Home


Why German Cockroaches Are Bad News In Your Nashville Home

If you're a homeowner in Nashville, you can't shrug off pest remediation. If you give insects and creatures enough room to thrive, you could lose everything precious to you. They can ruin domiciles to the point of making them unstable, and they do a fair amount of damage to possessions too. You might have to find a new place to live. Several critters can transmit illnesses or spread germs. You, your loved ones, or domestic animals could end up sick. German cockroaches are just one nightmarish species. 

German cockroaches can reproduce in mass in the blink of an eye. They also can enter properties easily. It's more than prudent to enact preventative methods to shield yourself. Learn what the dangers are with these bugs and how to stop them with Urbanex.

How Do German Cockroaches Operate? What Are the Risks?

German cockroaches pursue penetrating homes with enthusiasm. Logically, dwellings are the ideal places for them because of the warmth, moisture, and wealth of food sources. Cracks and crevices around utilities, foundations, doors, and windows are their usual entry points. Other than that, they'll travel in with boxes, bags, and furniture you carry indoors. They will thrive best near kitchens, cabinets, sinks, and trash bins.

Young German cockroaches are all black and wingless, while the adults are brown or tan. Each has a horizontal stripe on the rears of their head. The fully developed ones are about a half an inch long. Though they can fly, they have a greater tendency to run. You can certainly say you have an infestation if you encounter the following signs:

  • Droppings: You'll find the staining fecal specks these insects release in floor corners and drawers. The dark particles will also be on door frames and countertops.
  • Eggs: Eggs are bound to be in the kitchen or bathroom, if not, shell casings. Be sure to check the basement as well. 
    Odors: Cockroaches let out musty secretions and communication chemicals.

Don't misjudge German cockroaches as harmless; they are a considerable health threat. They can contaminate meals, countertops, and other surfaces. A myriad of microbes are on their skin. It's also in their spit, urine, and feces. As if that isn't disgusting enough, the spines on their legs are extremely sticky. These bugs will pick up all kinds of bacteria when they run through an alley dumpster, street sewer, or pipeline system. The fear is that humans will end up catching a pathogen or virus. Conditions like salmonella or gastroenteritis are on the table too. Let's not forget those who have allergy issues or asthma; a related response is likely to happen.

What Can One Do To Prevent German Cockroaches?

Thwart German cockroaches with these tasks:

  • Keep bugs from getting into food and trash by using airtight storage containers.
  • Remove garbage off the premises regularly.
  • Routinely vacuum rugs and wash your dishes.
  • Habitually cut your grass and trim greenery.
  • Stage plants and flowers two feet or more away from exterior doors.
  • Don't procrastinate in having leaks and fixture faults repaired.
  • Sweeps should be on all exterior doors.
  • Mend gaps around utilities, windows, doors, and foundations.

How Can Urbanex Help With German Cockroaches?

At Urbanex, we care about providing you with effective solutions to kill German cockroaches and protect your home going forward. Our environmentally responsible treatments will do just that. Our competent technicians will address both the interior and exterior with applicable repellents, either granular or liquid barrier products, and more. You'll receive a free no-obligation inspection when you call us today!

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